Samsung launch a product solution to contribute to education in Africa

Mar 22, 2012

The future of education is access to technology

CAPE TOWN, MARCH 22nd 2012 – The future of Africa’s continued growth lies in both education and continued access to, and development of, IT skills and infrastructure. In line with this, today, Samsung Electronics Africa, together with Intel, announced that they have combined forces to create an integrated hardware and software solution to meet the challenges that exist across the continent – The Samsung Classbook 100N.

Says Jun Chang, Business Leader for B2B Solution at Samsung Electronics Africa; “African schools provide a unique environment and as such requires tailored solutions within the education space and the Classbook 100N offers just this, as it has been optimised for the K-12 education environment. The aim of this product is to become an extension of the traditional classroom in Africa, giving the teacher management of all classroom devices, as well as the content used to meet the challenging needs to the African education landscape.”

Functional features specific to the classroom
The Classbook 100N is lightweight (1.3kg), rugged (can resist a fall up to 70cm) and spill-resistant (200cc) which enables the cost per unit to be significantly lower as the need for replacement units are lowered. Furthermore, it has a 10 hour battery life – which means that the laptop can last for a whole school day avoiding the need for children to carry a charger, where a single battery can last for up to 3 years. Furthermore, the netbook features Fast Boot - enabling students to get on with their work in just 30 seconds, or 2 seconds if the computer is hibernating, which means that students no longer need to sacrifice precious time and can focus on learning – which is at the very core of this product line. The Classbook 100N comes in a stylish blue finish, with white keyboard and a built-in retractable handle for easy carrying

From a software perspective the Classbook 100N offers a complete classroom solution, developed using research from over 2000 classrooms in 36 countries. With this unit teachers can centrally control student computers, distribute learning material, administer quizzes and broadcast content, as well as provide remote assistance for students. Additionally, students’ computers can be linked together to enable group-learning projects. The Classbook 100N offers practical solutions within the classroom including;
•   Internet activity can be comprehensively monitored and controlled to ensure that only permitted sites are visited

•   Special age-appropriate education desktops can be designed, ensuring that students can only access applications necessary for their courses

•   An asset management system protects against theft by requiring computers to periodically update their user certificates with the central server. Computers that do not update will be disabled
Innovation and education
“This product will be bundled with various education applications that provide access for African students to education principles that were never possible before. However, it is key to note that not only is this netbook providing access to education, but so too is it providing access to innovative technologies and allows students to gain the necessary IT skills critical to individual growth and the economic development of the continent,” concludes Jun Chang.

About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
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