Two Weeks Left to Win a Samsung Home Makeover.

Jul 07, 2015

Promotion geared at getting more consumers to purchase products from authorised partners and dealers in order to benefit from Samsung’s warranty offering

Samsung Electronics launched the consumer promotion dubbed "Buy & Win with Samsung" in Kenya 6 weeks ago. The Promotion has educated consumers on how to verify the Two Year Warranty on Samsung Products and get rewarded for purchasing authentic Samsung Electronics from Authorised Partners and Dealers.

With industry experts estimating that Kenya loses about Ksh.30 billion annually due to trade in counterfeits, more manufacturers are actively raising awareness on how consumers can identify authentic products with warranty. For handset manufacturers the International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number has proved to be the quickest identifier of genuine products. With other electronics products, the serial number is used. But despite the ease with which one can use the IMEI number or serial number to identify authentic electronic products, a significant chunk of the consumer population remains unaware of this benefit.

To confirm the authenticity and warranty cover of a Samsung product, consumers can follow a simple one step process as follows:

  • For mobile phones: Send an SMS: Check*IMEI number# to 22585
  • For other electronic products: Send an SMS: Check*serial number# to 22485

"Our E-warranty checking system not only makes it easy for consumers to confirm that the products they are purchasing have warranty in Kenya but also provides the psychological comfort that comes with knowing that you are using an authentic product," added Mr. Ngeru, Samsung Electronics East Africa Vice President and Chief Operations Officer. "Using counterfeit products exposes consumers to loss of money and physical harm in some instances, in addition to denying them pleasant user experiences and costing the economy valuable revenue that could be used to address some of the social and economic challenges that affect us all. It is for this reason that we decided to raise more awareness about this system, and reward our loyal customers", said Mr. Ngeru.

Over the last 6 weeks there have been 42 daily winners and one mini-draw winner of the Galaxy S6 edge.

"At first I didn't believe it when Samsung called me to inform me that I have won a Galaxy S6 edge" says Hildah Mwaura "I had simply bought a Galaxy Ace 4 and I simply registered it for Warranty and forgot about it, I honestly thought it was a prank. After the call, my brother and I double checked the Samsung number and we realised that it was authentic, that's when we started celebrating!"

For those who have not bought any Samsung Product there are still 2 more weeks to go, with 14 more great prizes to be won and the Grand Prize of a Samsung Home Makeover consisting of:

  1. 1. A 48" curved full HD Digital TV
  2. 2. A food-showcase refrigerator (RS21HKLMR)
  3. 3. An Eco-Bubble washing machine with dryer
  4. 4. A Grill combi microwave oven
  5. 5. A 7" Samsung Tab 4
  6. 6. A Samsung Galaxy A3

Don't be left out, remember Buy, Register & Win! Terms & Conditions Apply