The Samsung ADH Service Offering boasts three options that offer you more benefits on selected Samsung GALAXY Smartphone devices – a world first from a Device manufacturer point of view.


This Service Offering, currently available exclusively for the GALAXY Trend, GALAXY Trend Plus and GALAXY Grand Neo, allows for only 1 screen repair within the 24-month warranty period.

ADH Core Features:

  • 1 screen repair within a 24-month period.
  • No incident fee.
  • Take Device to your nearest Service Centre.

To claim, you MUST register your Device through the ADH Core app on the Google Play store.


What are the benefits?

ADH Core allows for only 1 screen repair within the 24-month warranty period.

What do I need to do to activate ADH Core cover on my Samsung Device?

In order to qualify for the above benefit, you are required to register your Smartphone Device by downloading the ADH Core Android app from the Google Play Store. Using the app, you will then be prompted to register your Device.

What registration details are needed?

Your name, surname, email address and mobile number.

Are there additional costs involved?


Which mobile devices are covered with ADH Core?

  • Samsung GALAXY Trend
  • Samsung GALAXY Trend Plus
  • Samsung GALAXY Grand Neo

What is the call centre number for further assistance?

0861 000 061

What is the difference between ADH and ADH Core?

ADH is incorporated into the existing Samsung 24-month standard factory warranty on the GALAXY S4 and will protect your Device from accidental damage during normal use. ADH will cover screen repairs and liquid damage repairs to your Device that is damaged within the Samsung 24-month warranty period.

Each Device is allowed 2 incidents per 24-month period:

  • 1 Screen repair and 1 liquid damage repair OR
  • 2 Screen repairs OR
  • 2 Liquid damage repairs

Should both a liquid damage and screen damage incident occur as your first incident and at the same time, this will constitute both the first and the second incident within the 24-month warranty period and your ADH cover will cease.

If the second incident is both a screen damage and a liquid damage at the same time, then the ADH repair will cover the ‘greater of’ damage, be it liquid damage or screen damage, and the ‘lesser of’ damage will be for the account of the Samsung GALAXY S4 Device owner.

ADH Core, which is currently available exclusively on the GALAXY Trend, GALAXY Trend Plus, GALAXY Grand Neo and GALAXY K Zoom, allows for only 1 screen repair within the 24-month warranty period.