I have experienced skin irritations (rash, pruritus, erythema, etc.) on my wrist because of a Samsung wearable device.

Last Update date : 2015.02.06

Thank you for your inquiry. We have received a very limited number of reports from consumers

stating that they have experienced a skin irritation from wearing a wearable device.

We have conducted extensive testing and strongly recommend that for maximum enjoyment,

anyone wearing an activity tracking wristband, regardless of the brand, keep the

device clean and dry.

Also, we recommend that you wear the device loosely so that it can move back and

forth over your wrist and that you periodically remove the device to allow your skin exposure to air.

If you experience a skin irritation when wearing a device, we recommend you take the device

off and consult a physician.


The safety precautions associated with using your wearable devices :

· Do not use the mobile device in very wet conditions. Doing so may cause an

electric shock to you or damage to the mobile device.

· Do not expose the straps to very wet conditions. Wet straps can cause skin irritations.

Dry the straps first. If you experience skin irritation when wearing the device, stop 

wearing the device and consult a physician.

· Ensure that the strap is kept clean.

· When using your device for extended periods, hold the device with a relaxed grip,

press the keys lightly, and take frequent breaks.

· Wear the device loosely so that it can move back and forth over your wrist and that you

periodically remove the device to allow your skin exposure to air.

· If you continue to have discomfort during or after such use, stop use and see a physician.

· Consult a medical professional if you experience any health problems or need medical assistance.

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