Cool / Warm air does come out of the air conditioner

Last Update date : 2017.01.27

Troubleshooting Tips:



• Check if the set temperature is higher(during Cool mode) / lower(during Heat mode) than the current temperature. Press the Temp + or - button on the remote controller to change the set temperature.

• Check if the Air filter is blocked by dirt. If there is a lot of dust on the Air filter, cooling(heating) performance may decrease. Clean them frequently.

• Check if the outdoor unit is covered or installed near the obstacle. Take the cover off and take the obstacle away.

• Check if the air conditioner is operating in Defrost mode. When the ice formed in winter or the outdoor temperature is too low, the air conditioner operates in Defrost mode automatically. In Defrost mode, indoor fan stops and warm air does not come out.

• If the doors or windows are open, it may cause bad cooling (heating) performance. Close the doors and windows.

• Check if the air conditioner has just been turned on after stopping cooling or heating operation. In this case, just a fan will run to protect the outdoor unit compressor.

• Check if the pipe length is too long. When the pipe length exceeds maximum allowable pipe length, cooling (heating) performance may decrease.

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