Refrigerator Terminology

Last Update date : 2011.01.16

 Twin Cooling System: controls and generates cooling air for the refrigerator and freezer separately, with two independent evaporators and precise electronic control, thus maintaining each compartment at their optimal cooling conditions.

As side by side refrigerators operate with a 21°C difference between compartments, single evaporator refrigerators are unable to maintain the precise temperature control for each compartment. Only Samsung’s Twin Cooling System™ utilizes two fans and two evaporators to generate the required cooling air to optimally manage large cooling capacities found in Side by Side Refrigerators.

Benefits of TwinCooling System™

- Maintain optimum humidity

- No mixing of odour

- Quiet operation

- Efficient energy consumption

- Ideal temperature and speedy cooling

CoolSelect Zone: allows you to select the temperature and function that fits your lifestyle and needs. You can control the temperature of your refrigerator to thaw or quick chill items for a last minute dinner or spur-of-the-moment party. CoolSelect Zone provides you with a magic draw in the refrigerator compartment, which sets the temperature, low enough for easy slicing and allows medium term storage.

Quick Cool Mode

You will have cold beverages whenever you want. Enjoy this ultra convenient feature, especially during parties where you can never have enough cold drinks. Time setting is for up to 60 minutes, after which the temperature returns to normal refrigeration temperature.

Thaw Mode

Moisture loss and discolouration are minimised, ensuring your defrosted food is always juicy and delicious. Timer setting is available in 2 hour intervals for up to 24 hours.

Soft Freeze Mode (-5°C)

This provides the perfect solution for storage of fresh meat, poultry and fish. At -5°C, these items are safely stored for a longer period of time, while remaining firm enough to be easily sliced.

Chill Mode (-1°C)

Chill mode keeps the temperature at a constant and non fluctuating -1°C. At this temperature, moisture within the food is contained, preserving taste and freshness.

Cool Mode (2°C)

Fruits and vegetables retain maximum freshness and crispness because of the optimal humidity level provided by the CoolSelect Zone™.

No Frost Technology: In the case of conventional automatic defrost or manual defrost models, frost is formed on the surface of the foods stored in the refrigerator, which can damage delicate foods. This adversely affects the freshness of the food. A No Frost model will not build up any ice, so users will never have to worry about defrosting your refrigerator again.

Benefits of No Frost Technology

- Food stays in a better condition

- Food doesn’t stick together

- Food is easier to recognize

- No ice build up

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