Why Is There A Stripe At The Top Of My DLP TV Screen?

Last Update date : 2011.01.16

 stripe at the top of your DLP TV screen could be caused by the following conditions:


You have a set top box connected to the TV and it's set to the wrong output resolution.

Your TV is underscanning and you're seeing the raster line.

Note: The raster line is the line the TV uses as a reference line for all the other scanning lines it uses to create an image.




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An HDMI ((High-Definition Multimedia Interface) cable carries both digital video and digital audio. It lets you connect any digital audio and video source, such as a DVD player or set-top box, to any digital audio and video display device such as a digital television (DTV), with a single connecting cable.


A DVI (Digital Visual Interface) cable carries digital video only. Consequently, to get both video and audio using a DVI cable, you would have to connect your digital source and digital display device with three cables: the DVI cable, and cables for the left and right audio channels.


All 2004 Samsung DLP TVs (the HL-P series) come with HDMI and DVI input jacks as standard equipment. All 2005 Samsung DLP TVs (the HL-R series) come with a combinted HDMI/DVI input jack. To connect the HDMI/DVI connector to a device that has a DVI jack, you need a cable that has an HDMI connector on one end and a DVI connector on the other. You will also have to connect the audio using separate audio cables.


Although, at this point, relatively few digital source devices have HDMI out jacks, HDMI is supported by most leading electronics manufacturers and consequently will probably become the industry standard in the near future.


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