Why Is The Picture Quality Poor When I Play DVD Movies On My DLP TV?

Last Update date : 2011.01.16

If you have poor picture quality when you play a DVD movie, first try playing a second DVD to see if the first DVD is bad. If the picture quality is still poor when you play the second DVD, try adjusting the contrast, color, brightness,or sharpness through the TV's on-screen menu. If neither of these suggestions improve the picture, follow the directions below.

The poor picture quality you see on your DLP TV when you play DVD movies can probably be resolved by:

  • Pressing the P. Scan or Progressive Scan button on your DVD player when you start a movie
  • Using Component, DVI, or HDMI jacks to connect your TV and DVD player

    Note: You may need to do both.

Pressing the P. Scan or Progressive Scan Button On Your DVD Player

If your picture quality is poor when you are watching a DVD, you may have the Progressive scan function set incorrectly. Most DVD players have a Progressive scan button on their front panels and/or a P.Scan button on their remotes. The next time you play a movie, try pressing the Progressive scan or P.Scan button (press one or the other, not both) when the movie starts to see if that corrects your problem.

Using Component, DVI, or HDMI Jacks to Connect Your TV and DVD Player

If the picture quality on your DLP TV is poor when you play DVD movies, you may be able to improve the picture quality by using the Component (Y, Pb, Pr), DVI, or HDMI jacks to connect your DVD player to your TV. Most DVD players have Component  jacks. Some have DVI and only a few have HDMI. Your DLP TV has all three.

You can connect the Component jacks (there are three, Y, Pb, Pr) on your TV and DVD player using three standard A/V (RCA) cables. Just make sure you connect Y out on the DVD player to Y in on the TV, etc. If you go with the DVI jacks, you'll need a DVI-D Single Link cable. If you use HDMI, you'll need an HDMI cable.

The Component and DVI jacks are for video only. If you connect using Component or DVI jacks, you must also connect the appropriate Left and Right audio in and out jacks separately. HDMI carries both video and audio. Consequently, if you use HDMI, you need only a single cable.

If the recommendations above do not resolve your problem, call Samsung Customer Care at 0860-Samsung (0860-726-786) for further assistance. Have your model number and your TV's serial number on hand when you call.

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