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My Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5
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My Life powered by Samsung Galaxy S5
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Useful Software for Mobile Phones

A imagem do software útil para telemóveis mostra um Smartphone e um Tablet Samsung.

Get the most from
your mobile phone

Find software updates, apps, and news for your
mobile phone. Plus,learn about ways to share
music, videos, and pictures between your phone
and other devices, such as your computer and TV.

Samsung Mobile Phone News

The best way to keep up-to-date with product releases, software updates, and other information about Samsung Mobile

Samsung Kies

The image shows Samsung Kies that makes you synchronize data easily between your mobile phone and PC.

Software Upgrade Thru Kies

The image shows Samsung Kies, you can upgrade software thru Kies.

S Note

The image shows S Note Viewer

Software Upgrade Thru FOTA

The image shows Samsung FOTA, you can update your Firmware in your smartphone via Over The Air.

Samsung SideSync 3.0

This image shows Sidesync3.0

Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung GALAXY Apps

The image shows Samsung Apps that lets you find and download apps, including games, news, reference, social networking, navigation, and more.

Samsung Dive

The image shows Samsung Dive that lets you control your mobile remotely so that you could protect your personal information and recover your lost phone.

Samsung KiesCast

The image shows the Samsung KiesCast which is podcast application for Samsung Smartphone.

Windows Phone 7

The image for Windows Phone 7.

Configure Phone

The image displays Samsung devices, you can configure WAP, MMS, and e-mail for your mobile phone.