Samsung Curved UHD TV

UHD Upscaling page

Converts lower resolution content to stunningly sharp images

Samsung’s innovative UHD Up-scaling processing enhances broadcast TV shows and movies as well as video on demand and more. First, it takes the
source signal—whether it’s Full HD, HD, or even SD!—and analyses it. Then, it reduces the noise and scales up lower resolution content. Finally, it
actually enhances the detail. Whatever you’re watching, your Samsung UHD TV can upscale it so you are ready to enjoy near UHD picture quality right away.

PurColour page

Experience more accurate and natural colours

Samsung developed a special colour technology for our Curved UHD TV called PurColour, which expresses a wider range of colours and shades that are as
close to real life as it gets, bringing you closer to what nature intended. With all the 8 million pixels that come with a UHD display—four times more than a
Full HD display—you need more colour adjustment points to create detailed images. Conventional UHD TVs have about 27 colour adjustment points, but
PurColour dramatically increases that by more than 7 times, resulting in colours and shades that are much richer and more refined. It’s hard to imagine
colour reproduction that is more natural or accurate It’s hard to imagine colour reproduction that is more natural or accurate.

UHD Dimming page

Creates deeper blacks,
purer whites,
and enhanced colour
and detail in every image

Samsung raise the bar even higher with a special
technology called UHD Dimming. UHD’s higher resolution
also means that the picture needs more processing for
reproducing all the details. For that, this amazing picture
technology separates the screen into sections—twice as
many as the previous Micro dimming technology—and then
calculates all the precise contrast, colour, and detail levels
needed for each part to perfect the image overall. That’s
why Samsung UHD dimming technology has been
developed to process black and white as optimally as
possible and produce colours that are far more vivid.

Peak illuminator page

Experience the maximum range of contrast

Samsung Curved UHD TV manages contrast levels exceptionally well, starting with a Precision Black feature that expands the darkness levels. At the same
time, a brand new featured called Peak Illuminator heightens luminosity by boosting the LED backlights in bright areas of the screen. So when light appears
in darkest areas, like streetlights illuminating a cityscape, the moment is even more enchanting.

Contrast Range