CLX-8385ND The Samsung MultiXpress C8385ND is the cost-effective way to bring versatile colour printing/copying to any office. The MultiXpress range of productivity enhancement features, combined with low cost ownership, means efficient printing without compromising on quality. These functions make the Samsung MultiXpress C8385ND one of the fastest A4 colour Digital Multi-Function Printers in the market today. The highly durable Samsung MultiXpress C8385ND is designed to be economical and productive in daily use. It features a low carbon footprint and effective power saving features that reduce energy bills and help achieve environmental targets.

Recycler les piles de manière responsable

  • La directive européenne sur les piles et accumulateurs vise à minimiser la menace pour la santé et l’environnement que représente les piles et accumulateurs contenant des matières dangereuses. Au Royaume-Uni, les réglementations sur le recyclage des piles et accumulateurs (piles rechargeables) ont été introduites en 2009. Les règlements sur les piles usagées visent à améliorer considérablement la collecte et le recyclage des piles portables au Royaume-Uni pour passer de 3 % en 2007 à 25 % en 2012, pour ainsi atteindre au moins 45 % en 2016.

  • La présence du symbole représentant une pile sur un produit ou sur son emballage indique que cet article ne doit pas être mis au rebut avec les déchets ménagers normaux non triés. Il incombe ainsi à l’utilisateur de ramener ses piles usagées à un point de collecte désigné dans le but de les recycler. La collecte indépendante et le recyclage des piles usagées contribuera à protéger les ressources naturelles et à garantir qu'elles seront recyclées d'une manière qui minimisera l’impact sur la santé des personnes et l’environnement. Vous trouverez une liste complète des centres de recyclage de piles sur : www.recycle-more.co.uk

  • Tous les produits Samsung soumis à la directive sur les batteries respectent les exigences britanniques en matière de piles et d'accumulateurs. Conformément à la législation nationale, SAMSUNG Electronics (UK) Ltd adhère à un plan de conformité approuvé par les producteurs de batteries. Ce plan vise à collecter, traiter et éliminer les piles au nom de Samsung.

Fermer Layer Popup


  • Copie Impression Numérisation Télécopie grand volume
  • Copie Impression Numérisation Télécopie grand volume
  • Boîte aux lettre sécurisée
  • Frais d'exploitation réduits

Network Ready and Ready to Scan Print and Fax*

Network Ready and Ready to Scan Print and Fax*
You can print, scan, even fax* through your IT network within minutes and with no disruption to the working day. And with one highly capable device taking care of the needs of even large workgroups and departments, all you’ll notice is productivity increasing. *Optional.

Samsung Easy Colour Manager

Samsung Easy Colour Manager
Easy Colour Manager allows users to easily adjust colour balance, brightness, contrast and saturation of any image that you view on your monitor. It can be especially useful if you have specific colour preferences, or if your company has its own brand requirements.

Auto Colour Detection

Auto Colour Detection
The introduction of the MultiXpress C8385ND provides users with the inclusion of an additional 'Auto' option; users no longer have to rely on manually differentiating between 'mono' and 'colour' prints. As a result, users can skip through time consuming processes of separating different mode documents, while saving money by avoiding the cost of unnecessary colour prints.

Consistent Colour Printing

Consistent Colour Printing
The MultiXpress C8385ND handles the demands of premium quality 9,600dpi with ease. The Easy Colour Manager and enhanced CTD sensor ensures colour output is always clear, sharp and professional.

Samsung's Real-Time Calibration Technology

Samsung's Real-Time Calibration Technology
Real-Time Calibration Technology ensures documents are printed to a consistently high colour quality. However, when dealing with important documents that require special attention, users can choose to manually define the colour quality that will appear on their documents.

Less Space

Less Space
Office space is also a big issue. In general, A3 DMFP occupies more office space. Typically, the footprint of a mono A3 capable device is much larger than that of an A4 device. MultiXpress C8385ND's economical design takes up to 75% less space in your office than general A3 DMFPs so you have more room around you.

Power Saver

Power Saver
This economical Power Saver button helps to reduce the 80% power consumption than the amount of Ready status. For the save more energy, the machine could adjust time period which enter in power save mode. MultiXpress C8385ND uses 20% less energy than an average A3 DMFP making it much more economical and cost effective.

Customisable User Interface (HWCI)

Customisable User Interface (HWCI)
Customise the LCD panel with your corporate logo, IT Support number and service / support details.

Easy to Manage

Easy to Manage
Samsung's exclusive 7" colour LCD touch screen and 3-dimensional UI design is simple and intuitive. The screen provides easy trouble-shooting capabilities resulting in minimum downtime.

Modular System

Modular System
The modular design makes consumables and accessory replacement effortless. For example, finisher accessories can be added by simply slotting in to the main device.
Fastest in Its Class

Fastest in Its Class

Printing 38 colour A4 pages a minute makes the MultiXpress C8385ND one of the world's fastest A4 colour DMFP's. With a scanning performance of 33ipm, the MultiXpress C8385ND offers a fast and efficient solution.
Heavy-Duty System Components

Heavy-Duty System Components

With an 800MHz CPU, 1GB of RAM and a generous 160GB hard drive, the MultiXpress C8385ND makes print and scan jobs easy to process, store and handle. The added features and processing power mean it's suitable for the most demanding office environment.

Smooth Network Integration

Advanced support for a wide range of network protocols makes the MultiXpress C8385ND easy to integrate into your IT infrastructure (IPv6, 1GB N/W supported).

Remote Management

Using SyncThru™ Admin 5, our outstanding online administration application, your machine can be managed and controlled in accordance with existing IT infrastructure polices.

Paper Handling

- Adding optional paper trays can allow storage of up to 2,720 sheets of paper at one time; this means a reduction in the frequency of refilling needed. - The 2-bin finisher and 4-bin mailbox supports a 1,000 sheet output, making it much more efficient in a challenging office environment.

Minimised Paper Jam or Misfeeding

MultiXpress C8385ND uses a centre loading method with a Retard Roller. When more than one paper is picked up, even though it is few and far between, the retard roller rotates in the opposite direction to put back the additional paper. This mechanism can minimise not only the misfeeding, but also the paper jam ratio.

caractéristiques techniques

Dimensions de CLX-8385ND/XFA


  • Fonction

    Print, Copy, Scan, Fax(Optional), Network, Deplex


  • Vitesse (monochrome)

    Simplex : Up to 38 ppm in A4 (40 ppm in Letter)Duplex : Up to 33 ppm in A4 (35 ppm in Letter)

  • Vitesse (couleur)

    Simplex : Up to 38 ppm in A4 (40 ppm in Letter)Duplex : Up to 33 ppm in A4 (35 ppm in Letter)

  • Durée d'impression de la première page (monochrome)

    Less than 14 seconds

  • Première impression (couleur)

    Less than 14 seconds

  • Résolution

    Up to 9,600 x 600 dpi effective output

  • Emulation

    PCL5ce, PCL6, PostScript3, PDF Direct V1.4

  • Recto verso




  • Vitesse (monochrome)

    up to 38 cpm in A4 (40 cpm in Letter)

  • Vitesse (couleur)

    up to 38 cpm in A4 (40 cpm in Letter)

  • Résolution

    Up to 1,200 x 1,200 dpi

  • Durée d'impression de la première page (monochrome)

    Less than 13 seconds

  • Première copie (couleur)

    Less than 13 seconds

  • Facteur de zoom

    25% ~ 400% (Platen Copy), 25% ~ 200% (DADF Copy)

  • Copie multiple


  • Copie recto verso

    Standard(1:2, 2:2, 2:1)

  • Copy Features (Fonctions copie)

    ID Card copy, Auto fit, Margin shift, Book copy, Covers, Transparencies, Auto Suppression, Booklet, N-up, Clone, Poster


  • Compatibilité

    N/W Twain standard, WIA standard

  • Procédure

    Color CCDM

  • Résolution (optique)

    Up to 600 X 600 dpi

  • Résolution extrapolée

    Up to 4,800 X 4,800 dpi

  • Numérisation vers

    HDD, Email, FTP, SMB, Client, USB Memory(Direct Scan)


  • Compatibilité

    ITU-T G3, Super G3

  • Vitesse du modem


  • Résolution

    Mono : Up to 300 X 300 dpi Color : Up to 200 X 200 dpi

  • Mémoire

    HDD Store, 500 jobs

  • Numérotation automatique

    1-touch dial : 40 locations speed dial : 200 locations

  • Fonction télécopie

    Color Fax, On hook Dial, Pause, Auto Redial, Last Number Redial, PC Fax

Gestion du papier

  • Capacité d'alimentation et type de support

    Standard : 520-sheet cassette Tray, 100-sheet MP tray, Max : 2,720 sheets

  • Capacité en sortie et types

    500-sheet Face Down

  • Format du support

    98 x 148 mm (3.85"" x 5.83"") ~ 216 x 1200 mm (8.5"" x 47.2"")Banner Size Printing : 216mm x 1200mm

  • Type de support

    Plain Paper, Thick Paper, Thin Paper, Bond Paper, Color Paper, CardStock, Labels, Transparency, Envelope, Preprinted, Letterhead, Recycled Paper, Cotton, Archive

  • Capacité

    100-sheet DADF

  • Format acceptés par le CAD

    Width: 145 ~ 216mm (5.7"~8.5") Length : 145 ~ 356mm (5.7" ~ 14.0") for Single page scan 145 ~ 400mm (5.7" ~ 15.7") for Multi pages scan Bank Check Scan : 69.6mm x 152.4mm

Fonctionnalité générale

  • Affichage

    800x480 7" WVGA Color Touch Screen

  • Mémoire/stockage

    1GB (Max. 2GB) / 160GB HDD

  • Systèmes d'exploitation compatibles

    [Windows] - 2000 / XP (32 / 64bit) / 2003 (32 / 64bit) / Vista (32 / 64bit) / Windows7 - Windows Terminal Services [Linux] - RedHat 8.0 ~ 9.0 - Fedora Core 1 ~ 4 - Madrake 9.2 ~ 10.1 - SuSE 8.2 ~ 9.2 [Mac] - Mac OS X 10.3 ~ 10.5, [Others] - Citrix Presentation Server

  • Interface

    Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1000 base TX, USB host 2.0 (Scan to USB, USB print)

  • Niveau sonore

    Printing : 54dBCopying : 57dBStandby : 43dB

  • Cycle de service (par mois)

    100,000 sheets / month

  • Dimensions (LxPxH)

    606.8 x 575.0 x 815.5 mm

  • Poids

    Set: 71.5Kg (with Consumables)


  • Cartouche de toner noire

    Average Continuous Black Cartridge Yield: 20,000* standard pages * Declared yield value in accordance with ISO/IEC 19798

  • Cartouche de toner jaune/magenta/cyan

    Average Continuous Black Cartridge Yield: 15,000* standard pages * Declared yield value in accordance with ISO/IEC 19798

  • Développeur


  • Module d'imagerie

    30,000 pages

  • Courroie de transfert

    100,000 pages

  • Collecteur de toner usagé

    48,000 images (Mono 100% 48,000 pages / Color 100% 12,000 pages)

  • Divers


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