The Samsung ML-2580N series has won BLI’s Summer 2010 “Pick” for “Outstanding Personal Monochrome Printer.” “A few things immediately jump out at me,” said BLI Assistant Editor Marc Bussanich. “First, the unit sailed through durability testing with no misfeeds recorded and no service of any kind required. Output was very good overall, and actual running speed in our job stream suite was faster than average. Plus, the ML-2580N series is simple to use, and easy to maintain thanks to straightforward procedures for clearing jams and replacing the print cartridge.”

BLI Senior Test Technician Tony Maceri agreed. “Users get a standard wireless connetioin and the unit has a compact footprint, is simple to install, and has Samsung Any Web Print, which allows users to copy and paste content from the Internet onto a bland page and then output it.” Maceri went on to say that toner-save mode in the proprietary SPL driver helps extend the life of the print cartridge, which can be returned to the company for recycling using a prepaid shipping label.