CLP-415NW Impressora Laser a Cor (18/18 ppm)


CLP-415NW Impressora Laser a Cor (18/18 ppm)  

Reciclagem responsável de pilhas

  • A Diretiva relativa às pilhas e acumuladores do Reino Unido visa minimizar o impacto das pilhas no ambiente e incentivar a recuperação dos materiais nelas contidos. No Reino Unido, as normas relativas à reciclagem de pilhas e acumulares (baterias recarregáveis) foram introduzidas em 2009 com o objetivo de aumentar significativamente a recolha e reciclagem de pilhas portáteis usadas no Reino Unido, de 3% em 2007 para 25% em 2012, atingindo o mínimo de 45% em 2016.

  • O símbolo de pilha num produto ou na respetiva embalagem indica que o produto não deve ser eliminado juntamente com o lixo doméstico. Em vez disso, é da responsabilidade do consumidor eliminar as pilhas num ponto de recolha designado, para que possam ser recicladas. A recolha e reciclagem das pilhas em separado aquando da eliminação vai ajudar a preservar recursos naturais e garantir que a sua reciclagem é efetuada de uma forma que protege a saúde humana e o ambiente. Encontra uma lista abrangente de centros de reciclagem de pilhas em: www.recycle-more.co.uk

  • Todos os produtos Samsung sujeitos à Diretiva relativa às pilhas estão em conformidade com os requisitos para pilhas e acumuladores do Reino Unido. De acordo com a lei nacional, a SAMSUNG Electronics (UK) Ltd é membro de um esquema aprovado de conformidade na produção de pilhas. Este esquema recolhe, processa e elimina pilhas em nome da Samsung.

CLP-415NW Impressora Laser a Cor (18/18 ppm)


  • Aumente o desempenho da sua empresa com esta impressora
  • Verdadeira cor à velocidade da luz
  • Impressora laser a cores da Samsung Cores realistas à velocidade da luz

Product Configuration


Make sharp images and text even sharper

Boost the overall quality and vividness of your output with our unique ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Pages). It automatically adds dots along the edges of images and characters, meaning everything looks so much sharper and cleaner. What’s more, those white gaps between coloured areas that are so common with other devices are eliminated. What you and your team are left with is an outstanding colour output.

Make colours more vibrant

Polymerised toner is one of our most innovative breakthroughs of recent years. Its revolutionary particles are smaller and more uniform, giving lines extra definition, tones more graduation and colour more impact. Its higher wax content not only improves the image gloss, but also enhances the durability preventing unwanted fading. And as the polymer toner can be applied in a thinner layer with lower fusing temperatures it reduces the paper curl and energy consumption as well.

A higher level of printing performance

Accelerating your business’ productivity begins with your printer. With its 18/18 pages per minute output and a first page out time of just 16 seconds the CLP-415NW doesn’t let you down. More power, better productivity With the power of two cores the device can process your work files simultaneously and therefore with higher speeds. The 256MB memory ensures even heavy printing documents are spooled faster and you don’t have to wait long for your print outs. What all this means for you is simple: the CLP-415NW is perfect when there’s a lot to print and a tight deadline to meet.
An easier user experience for you

An easier user experience for you

Your time is too precious to waste standing around a printer for hours on end. So from operation to support software tools, you’re in total control with this easy to use small workgroup printer. Easy Operating Panel With the CLP-415NW's 2 line liquid crystal display and intuitive 5 key compass navigation you can control the device's status, browse the menu and access each unique feature with ease. Simple wireless printing Just on touch of the WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) button and your CLP-415NW will connect quickly and securely to your wireless network. And with our easy 3 step mobile printing application enjoying vibrant colour output from all your mobile devices is then easier than ever.

Easy Eco Driver

Easy Eco Driver helps you compile digital documents in multiple formats and makes it easy to share them with others - even through social networks.

Easy Colour Management

The Samsung Easy Colour Manager allows you to adjust the colour balance, saturation, brightness or contrast of any image prior to printing. Perfect for matching the exact colours of your company logo every time.

Remote device control

For maximum control, Easy Printer Manager lets you manage all your devices from one location. Check device and toner status, change device settings or set alerts.

Anti-jam roller

We’ve developed our reliable anti-jam friction roller to minimise the risk of mis-feeds and paper jams. Better still, it allows handling of heavier paperweights, including card, up to 220g/m2 from the standard cassette tray. Dependable under pressure You know how important it is for your printer to deliver, particularly during those high-pressure jobs. That’s why a 50,000 duty cycle means it can handle temporary peak print times with ease.

Mobile Printing

With amazing Samsung Mobile Printing solution, you don’t have install any drivers to your mobile devices. Simply Just Install Samsung Mobile Print application on your mobile devices, and you can print directly from your mobile device.

High yield, low costs

Higher yield cartridges means more time between changes, saving you time, while low toner costs means less cost for every page. You’ll find the Total Cost of Ownership is slashed. Less power, less to pay There is more money to be saved by reducing power consumption. Our innovative polymerised toner requires a lower fusing temperature, resulting in less energy consumption. And the Dual CPU needs less energy to do its job as well. In fact, with a typical energy consumption of only 1.2kWh - as measured by the Energy Star - the CLP-415NW ranks among the top models of its class. Eco printing One push of the ECO button and you can make use of all the smart eco functions that can be indivudually set through the printer driver. Print multiple pages on one sheet, skip blank pages or print in greyscales instead of full colour. It's all there to save you paper, toner, energy and money right away.
Make colours more vibrant

Easy toner replacement

Gone are days of fiddly, dirty and time-consuming toner cartridge changes. It’s all made easier with a push loading drawer. What’s more, the high yield cartridges mean fewer changes.

Boost your business’ performance in full colour

In today's information driven world it's all about conspicious communication - fast, timely and in outstanding quality. With the CLP-415NW every business can now boost its performance and start a new way of communication. Create professional-looking colour documents at impressive speeds with this easy to operate and economical small workgroup device.

Now every workgroup can enjoy professional colour output

Whatever size your team, and however busy you are, you can rely on the CLP-415NW to constantly deliver professional, quality colour output. Because anything less isn’t good enough.

Easy Solution support

The printer also brings you software support designed to put you in control of delivering ultimate quality printouts easier than ever before.

Your reliable business partner

Thanks to the latest technology and high quality components, you’ll find the CLP-415NW is as dependable as they come, even during the toughest print jobs.

Cost effective printing with every job

Be in control of your printing cost during the printer's entire time of operation. Low costs per page that keep your running costs low for the time you do business.

especificações técnicas

Dimensão de CLP-415NW/XFA


  • Functions



    WPS, Modo Eco de um toque, Impressão móvel

  • Processador

    CPU Dual (Principal: 533 MHz / Secundária: 150 MHz)

  • Operational Panel

    LCD 2 linhas

  • Memória

    256 MB


    512 MB

  • Interface

    USB 2.0 Alta Velocidade / 10 / 100 / 1000 Base Tx / Sem fios 802.11b/g/n

  • Consumo de Energia

    380 W (Impressão) / 50 W (Espera) / 1,5 W (Poupança de energia), 2,6 W (Poupança de energia, Wi-Fi Direct ligado) / 1,26 kWH (TEC), 1,52 kWh (TEC, Wi-Fi Direct ligado)

  • Nível de ruído

    Inferior a 50 dBA (Impressão) / Inferior a 32 dBA (Em espera)

  • Dimensão (LxPxA)

    420 x 426 x 264 mm

  • Peso

    16,62 kg

  • Max. Monthly Duty Cycle

    Até 40 000 imagens


  • Velocidade
    Velocidade (Preto e branco)

    Até 18 ppm em A4 (19 ppm em Carta)

    Velocidade (Cores)

    Até 18 ppm em A4 (19 ppm em Carta)

  • First Print Out Time
    Tempo de saída da primeira impressão (Preto e branco)

    Inferior a 16 segundos (a partir do modo Ready)

    Tempo de saída da primeira impressão (Cores)

    Inferior a 16 segundos (a partir do modo Ready)

  • Resolução

    Até 9 600 x 600 ppp de resolução efectiva (600 x 600 x 4 bits)

  • Emulação

    SPL (Linguagem de Impressão Samsung), PCL5Ce, PCL6C, PS3, PDF V1.7

  • Duplex Print


  • Sistema operativo

    Windows 8 / 7 / Vista / XP / 2008R2 / 2008 / 2003, Mac OS X 10.4 - 10.8, Vários Sistemas Operativos Linux / Unix


Manuseamento de papel

  • Input Capacity

    250 folhas

    Multipurpose tray

    1 folha

  • Tipo de suporte

    Comum / Fino / Espesso / Cartões / Perfurado / Transparência / Pré-impresso / LetterHead / Reciclado / Arquivo / Obrigações / Etiqueta / Envelope / Algodão / Colorido / Brilhante / Papel mais espesso

    Multipurpose tray

    Papel comum / Papel fino / Papel espesso / Cartões / Papel mais espesso / Perfurado / Transparência / Pré-impresso / LetterHead / Reciclado / Arquivo / Obrigações / Etiqueta / Envelope / Algodão / Colorido / Brilhante

  • Tamanho do suporte

    A4 / A5 / A6 / Carta / Legal / Ofício / Portfólio / JIS B5 / ISO B5 / Executivo / Declaração / Cartões de índice / Postal / Envelope (Monarca, N.º 10, DL, C5, C6, N,º 9) Personalizado [98 x 127 mm (3,86" x 5") ~ 216 x 356 mm (8,5" x 14")]

    Multipurpose tray

    A4 / Carta / Legal / Ofício / Portfólio / JIS B5 / ISO B5 / Executivo / A5 / Declaração / A6 / Cartões de índice / Postal / Envelope monarca / Envelope N.º 10 / Envelope DL / Envelope C5 / Envelope C6 / Envelope N.º 9 / Personalizado [76 x 127 mm (3" x 5") ~ 216 x 356 mm (8,5" x 14")]

  • Media Weights

    60 ~ 220 g/m²

    Multipurpose tray

    60 ~ 220 g/m²

  • Output Capacity

    100 folhas (viradas para baixo)


  • Toner

    Rendimento médio do cartucho de 2 500 *Páginas padrão (Fornecida com cartucho de toner inicial para 1 000 páginas) *Rendimento de cartucho declarado de acordo com ISO / IEC 19798

    Color (C/M/Y)

    Rendimento médio do cartucho de 1 800 *Páginas padrão (Fornecida com cartucho de toner inicial para 700 páginas) *Rendimento de cartucho declarado de acordo com ISO / IEC 19798

  • Correia de transferência

    Até 100 000 páginas

  • Recipiente com resíduos de toner

    Aprox. 14 000 imagens (Preto e branco), 3 500 imagens (Cores)


  • Opções

    Memória de 512 MB

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