I am now on my way to having my entire Samsung system and InternetTV explosion. I love seeing Facebook and Twitter on my 52 TV.

@Garoovy via Twitter

This is a tweet from my new 55 inch Samsung 3D LED TV lets just say... I am in love : ) Ohhh and btw my iphone 4 is the remote for it!

@PMS_StoneLaRone via Twitter

"I have a Samsung 40" LED tv... LOVE IT... Went with a Bose entertainemnt system... thinking about getting a new 3D TV"

@triston33480 via Twitter

I love the media player that's on my Samsung TV. Very useful

@Aleks_LUFC via Twitter

I love my @samsung TV! I watch it even when it's off

@samkitonga via Twitter

@joshcoop are your other TVs Samsung as well? This is my first LED tv...i love it... it's so thin

@triston33480 via Twitter

Just reading about Samsung Future TV, amazing! I would love to win one of those!

@Samsungtvlover via Twitter