LED Par_Ess Flagship

Looking good
for your money
Instantly bring long-lasting efficiency and value to your
home. They last 7 times as long as traditional halogen
lamps, deliver energy savings of up to 80%, and are
extremely safe and eco-friendly.
Samsung LED Lighting  PAR
Highlight any areaA flexible choiceLong Life-7x more lifeSave-Brilliantly energy efficient
Highlight any area
Samsung Essential Range LED PAR Lamps add a spectacular mood to any space with their high luminance. The pure, natural quality of
LED lighting can be used to highlight key areas in your home and showcase your family’s favorite and treasured items, just like the attrac-
tive and engaging displays in leading retail stores that subtly capture the attention.
A flexible choice
Samsung Essential Range LED PAR Lamps offer a choice of 25 and
40 degree beam angles, so they suit a wide variety of uses. The
Accent 25-degree model enables well defined and ambient spotlight-
ing in key areas, like in the kitchen or study. In rooms where clear light
is essential for more general use, such as hallways, the General
40-degree model is the ideal solution.
7x more life
Samsung Essential Range LED PAR Lamps last 7 times
longer than traditional halogen lamps. With a lifetime
of up to 15,000 hours they’ll keep working for many years,
so you won’t waste your valuable time and money constantly
replacing lamps. Instead you can enjoy bright, natural light
throughout your home, especially in lobbies, hallways,
and stairs where constant lighting is needed.
7x more life
Brilliantly energy efficient
Samsung Essential Range LED PAR Lamps’ low energy consumption
can save up to 80% on your electricity bill, while still providing the
same level of brightness as traditional halogen lamps. So, for
example, a 20W halogen lamp can be replaced by a 3.2W Samsung
LED PAR lamp, which uses significantly less power, so it’s much better
for your wallet and the environment.
Energy consumption
Energy consumption
Easy to replace
Quick to fit
Standard size (ANSI regulation) fittings make it easy to replace halogen lamps – instantly! Simply pick the size you need and screw them into your existing fixtures and lamps.
Greener, cleaner lighting
Contain no toxic materials, such as lead or mercury, and are RoHS compliant. Their exceptional energy-efficiency also reduces CO2 emissions. So you can enjoy clean, natural light that doesn’t cost the Earth.
Clearly better
Lamps are flicker-free and don’t emit harmful Ultraviolet (UV) or Infrared (IR) electromagnetic radiation. So they produce a high quality light that puts less strain on your eyes and minimizes discoloration or fading of items in your home.
Ultra safe
A robust and reliable design, containing no glass or filament, reduces the risk of breakages and accidents. Proprietary heat protection technology also produces lower thermal emissions, which dramatically reduces their surface temperature.