Samsung Printer Xpress M2022

Introducing The New Way To Print
With Samsung Xpress Printer.

The Samsung Xpress M2022 prints a document.

A Printer That Makes Smartphones Even Smarter

Print and share effortlessly with the Samsung Xpress M2022.

The Samsung Xpress M2022 prints a document.

Google Cloud Print From Anywhere
Google Cloud Print works on smartphones,
tablet PCs, Google Chromebooks, PCs
and other web connected devices.

The Samsung Xpress M2022 prints a document with Google Cloud Print.

Easy To Use

Designed for simple and intuitive operation, the M2022 saves you precious time and effort.

Using the One-touch Print button on the Samsung Xpress M2022 printer.

One Touch Print Screen
One touch will send what’s visible on your monitor screen directly to the printer.

Fast Printing Speed

A faster printer means a faster workflow. The M2022 is equipped with a 600 MHz processor and 128 MB memory to print 20 pages per minute.

The Samsung Xpress M2022 printing documents in rapid succession.

Brilliant Text & Image Quality For Your Documents

The M2022 prints and scans your text and images in brilliant quality. The 1,200 x 1,200 dpi is achieved by varying the dots size and the position of the dot itself. This means you can print in more detail for a smoother and sharper image.

A side-by-side comparison between the print quality of conventional Samsung printers and the Samsung Xpress M2022.

Enjoy Quality Printouts
Samsung’s unique ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) Technology improves overall print quality.

Easy Eco Driver

Save up to 20 percent on printer toner with Samsung’s
Easy Eco Driver. This useful software also reduces paper
and energy consumption by giving users the option to remove
unnecessary text and images, converting them from bitmap
to sketches. The Easy Eco Driver is the recipient of the 2012
Outstanding Achievement in Innovation Award from
Buyers Laboratory (BLI).

Remove images, convert bitmap to sketch, remove small lines and remove text with the Easy Eco Driver.

Samsung Eco Driver received the 2012 Outstanding Achievement Award from Buyers Lab, Inc.

Pictured left is the original document. On the right is the final printout with converted images and text.

Easy Solution Support

The printer also comes with software support designed to put you in control of
achieving quality printouts with more ease.

Easy Printer Manager
Remotely control printer settings and easily monitor
its status with the Easy Printer Manager.

Samsung’s Easy Printer Manager.

Ergonomic Design

Don't worry about this printer crowding your space. Its compact and tasteful design makes it a pleasant collaborator.

Left view of the Samsung Xpress M2022.
Right view of the Samsung Xpress M2022.
Small Footprint
With a footprint of just 33.2 x 21.5 cm.
The smallest laser printer from Samsung.
Ergonomic Design
Its ergonomic design and ebony brown and ice gray color
will complete your work environment.

Product Configuration

The configurations of the Samsung Xpress M2022: Output Tray, Print Screen Button, Power Button, Paper Tray.

Internal configurations of the Samsung Xpress M2022: Toner Cartridge. Back side configurations of the Samsung Xpress M2022: USB Port, Power Connector.