Empower your mobility

Raise your agility to respond to business needs from
anywhere, anytime. The ultra-slim Samsung GALAXY Tab3
7.0 delivers the perfect blend of portability and performance
for business on the move.

Business necessity that fits
in your hands

Ideal for the mobile workforce, the highly portable Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0 is thin and lightweight at a mere 9.9 mm (0.39 in.) in depth and 300 g (0.66 lb) in weight. The tablet fits comfortably in hands with thin bezels that help make the device compact, yet allow for the screen to be suitably wide for multitasking and any business usage. The mobility and usability of Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0 gives professionals the power to create business results wherever they are in their hands.

Achieve your full potential
wherever you are

Business professionals need a tablet with the mobility and power to support their work anywhere business takes them. Though compact in size, Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0 powered by a 1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor satisfies users with smooth, quick access to documents. This tablet is equipped with a camera on the back of the device for documenting business events and meetings, and a front camera for collaborating through video chat. And also wifi channel bonding doubles the access for speedy, reliable transactions and Internet connections for business on the go.

  • Dual Core
  • 2Cams
  • Wifi channel Bonding

Drive productivity with
smart usability features

Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0 boosts performance with a host of smart features. Reading Mode provides professionals comfortable document reading with automatic screen adjustment to ease eye strain. Multitasking on a mobile device has never been easier. Users can watch a video while still handling business with the convenient Pop-up Video. With two screens that display at once using Dual View, toggling between applications is easy, without the hassle of switching screens back and forth.

  • Reading Mode
  • Popup Player
  • Dual View

Boost your flexibility to
work anywhere

With Samsung GALAXY Tab3 7.0, you don’t have to be sitting at your desk to be productive. Business users can create and edit Microsoft® Office documents on the move using the Polaris Office software, and easily access and store documents via cloud at any time. When the work needs input from many hands, Group Play offers simple tools to help share documents, collaborate on ideas or even conduct an impromptu meeting.

  • Group Play
  • Polaris Office