MultiXpress 6545NX


MultiXpress 6545NX  Monolaser Multifunktionsgerät Imagine a high-speed, high-end A4 Copier MFP that could centralize your printing workflow.
MultiXpress 6545N delivers fast printouts, but with full multifunction features like duplex and copying. And it features Samsung’s document management solutions like SmarThru and SyncThru. With this digital solution at the centre of your business, you can eliminate your A3 DMFP and maximize your productivity. With Samsung MultiXpress 6545N, it’s not that hard to imagine.
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MultiXpress 6545NX


  • Multifunktionsdrucker
  • Imagine Centralized Workflow Solution
  • Imagine Centralized Workflow Solution

Welcome to your high performance office.

Welcome to your high performance office.
The SCX-6545NX is the high performance sports car of printers, going from zero to 43 A4 pages in just 60 seconds, one of the fastest in the world of its type. And with a color scanning performance of 20ipm, it’s your total business solution. There’s no doubting the high-octane performance the SCX-6545NX can bring to any office.

Forget the manual, go automatic

Forget the manual, go automatic
With a luxuriously wide 7” color LCD touch screen, you can figure out exactly what’s happening with your print job in a single glance. The MultiXpress 6545NX offers easy-to-execute trouble-shooting capabilities right on screen. Coupled with an intuitive and customizable user interface, you won’t have to deal with a lot of downtime. Or upkeep.

Connect with your colleagues

Connect with your colleagues
Connect everyone in your office to one network and keep everything running smoothly. They’ll share a common printer and you’ll save time from servicing multiple machines. And with the Ethernet interface you can increase your performance by hooking it up to the network. Improve your communication skills with the SCX-6545NX laser printer and keep your lines of communication open.

Print it your way

Print it your way
Loaded with unique copy functions, the SCX-6545NX heightens both your creativity and productivity. You can divide your original into full-page portions to create a poster, save time and materials with 2-up and 4-up copying, produce many copies of an image on one page with clone copying, or print 2-sided business cards.

Massive monthly duty cycle makes it easy.

Massive monthly duty cycle makes it easy.
Designed to be less service dependent than your typical printer, the SCX-6545NX lets you focus on your job by doing its job — delivering all your documents without fail each and every time, thanks to its unparalleled monthly duty cycle. Network-ready, it can also be shared by multiple users, which lets your staff have the flexibility to print from different desks.

Fed up with paper feeding?

Fed up with paper feeding?
Feel free to multitask while your documents print: the SCX-6545NX will crank through even your biggest print jobs without relying on you for a paper refill. Upgrade the standard 620-page capacity cassette with up to 520-page and 2100-page optional cassettes for even larger capacity paper handling, perfect for all of your bulk printing needs. Sometimes, bigger really is better.

Finally, an easy to use printer

Finally, an easy to use printer
Printer upgrades and routine supply replacements shouldn’t take more time from your day than your actual work does. That’s why the SCX-6545NX features a convenient design, easily used by anyone in the office. From toner cartridge changes to installation of optional upgrades like slide-in fax modules and finishers, the SCX-6545NX helps you get back to the business of your business.
Paper Jam

Paper Jam

Don’t let your productivity come to a halt. The SCX-6545NXfeatures three separate rollers—a pick up roller, forward roller, and retard roller—that work together to pick up only one piece of paper at a time while preventing sticky situations like misfeeds and paper jams.
SyncThru™ Web Service

SyncThru™ Web Service

Tired of having to install software just to manage your printer? Now you can change printer settings, upgrade firmware and check your printer’s status easily with just a web browser and the innovative SyncThru™ Web Service.
SyncThru™ Admin 5

SyncThru™ Admin 5

Who says you can’t do it all? SyncThru™ Admin 5 lets you easily install, manage and monitor all your networked digital print devices on an accessible interface. You also have the ability to analyze data in greater detail with easy-to-read reports.
SmarThru™ Office

SmarThru™ Office

Stay organized with the SmarThru™ Office. This time-saving solution efficiently captures documents and stores them in folders. It also indexes and bounds them so they can be sent to other destinations or to applications for editing.
CounThru™ 2 Pro/Enterprise

CounThru™ 2 Pro/Enterprise

Get printer status without leaving your seat. Receive low toner level warnings, system error notifications and even usage and customer billing summaries with Samsung’s proprietary CounThruTM 2 Pro/Enterprise interface.
80GB Hard Disk

80GB Hard Disk

The 80GB hard disk helps you monitor and manage jobs, reduces network congestion, and optimizes print job retention for confidential and delayed printing.
Expandable Memory

Expandable Memory

The built-in memory in the SCX-6545NX means that it can handle your workload without breaking a sweat. Enjoy fast processing with the standard 256MB of built-in RAM, or upgrade to 512MB to handle even your biggest jobs with ease.
Extensible Open Architecture

Extensible Open Architecture

Easily develop and install custom applications to meet the needs of your business. Modify the UI with personalized function controls, designs, shortcuts and choose between embedded or web-based print solutions.


Abmessungen von SCX-6545N/SEE

Artikel Name

  • Artikel Name



  • Artikelnummer




  • Standardfunktionen

    Kopieren, Drucken, N/W-Drucken, Farbscannen

  • Mehrwertfunktionen


  • Prozessor

    500 MHz

  • Bildschirm

    7" WVGA Farb-Touchscreen LCD

  • Speicher (Standard)

    256 MB

  • Speicher (Maximum)

    512 MB

  • Festplatten

    80 GB

  • Anschluss (Standard)

    Hi-Speed USB 2.0, Ethernet 10 / 100 / 1.000 Base TX, USB Host (Scan an USB, USB-Druck)

  • Geräuschpegel

    unter 55 dBA (Drucken), unter 57 dBA (Kopieren), unter 37 dBA (Bereit)

  • Abmessungen (B x T x H)

    633 × 506 × 641 mm

  • Gewicht

    48,2 kg

  • Max. Monatsdurchsatz

    200.000 Seiten


  • Geschwindigkeit (Mono)

    43 Seiten/Min. in A4, 45 Seiten/Min. in Letter

  • Für ersten Ausdruck benötigte Zeit (Mono)


  • Auflösung

    1.200 × 1.200 dpi effektive Ausgabe

  • Druckersprachen

    PCL5e, PCL6, PostScript 3, TIFF, JPG, PDF v1.4

  • Duplex-Druck


  • Unterstützte Client-Betriebssysteme

    Windows 2000 / XP / 2003 Server / Vista / 2008/7 / 2008 R2 (nur 64-Bit), Verschiedene Linux-Betriebssysteme, Mac OS 10.3 – 10.5

  • Netzwerkprotokolle

    TCP/IPv4 / IPv6 / HTTP / SNMPv1/v2c/v3 / LDAP / SMTP / SSL/TLS / IPSec / DNS / WINS / SLP / Bonjour / SSDP / DDNS / DHCP / BOOTP


  • Geschwindigkeit (Mono)

    43 Kopien/Min. in A4, 45 Kopien/Min. in Letter

  • First Copy Out Time (Mono)


  • Auflösung

    600 × 600 dpi

  • Reduce / Enlarge Range

    25 – 400% (Vorlagenglas), 25 – 200% (ADF)

  • Multi Copy

    999 Seiten

  • Duplex Copy


  • Copy Features

    Ausweiskopie, Klon-Kopie, Wasserzeichenkopie, Form Overlay-Kopie, Auto Crop-Kopie, N-up-Kopie, Posterkopie, Broschüre


  • Scan Speed (Mono)

    43 Bilder/Min. (A4) / 45 Bilder/Min. (Letter)

  • Scan Speed (Color)

    20 Bilder/Min. (A4) / 20 Bilder/Min. (Letter)

  • Kompatibilität

    TWAIN-Standard / WIA-Standard

  • Method

    Farb-Flachbett-Scanner oder DADF

  • Resolution (Optical)

    600 × 600 dpi

  • Resolution (Enhanced)

    4.800 × 4.800 dpi

  • Scan Destinations

    HDD, USB, Email, Client, SMB, FTP


  • Kompatibilität

    ITU-T G3

  • Modem Speed

    33,6 kbps

  • Auflösung

    Schwarzweiß: 300 × 300 dpi, Farbe: 200 × 200 dpi

  • Speicher


  • Auto Dial


  • Fax Feature

    Wahl bei aufgelegtem Hörer, Autom. Wahlwiederholung, Wahlwiederholung der letzten Nummer, Mailbox, Autom. Anpassung, Mehrfachsendung, Verzögerte Sendung, Fax-Weiterleitung (Server / E-Mail / Fax)


  • Fassungsvermögen (Kassette)

    520 Blatt

  • Fassungsvermögen (Mehrzweckfach)

    100 Blatt

  • Fassungsvermögen (andere Optionen)

    Optionale Kassette für 520 Blatt, Zuführung mit großem Fassungsvermögen (HCF) 2.100 Blatt

  • Fassungsvermögen (max.)

    3.240 Blatt

  • Medientyp (Kassette)

    Normal / Dünn / Briefumschlag / Etiketten / Fotokarton / Gebunden / Archiv / Gelocht / Vorbedruckt / Recycelt / Folie / Briefkopf / Dick / Farbig

  • Medientyp (Mehrzweckfach)

    Normal / Dünn / Gebunden / Gelocht / Vorbedruckt / Recycelt / Umschlag / Folie / Etikett / Fotokarton / Briefkopf / Dick / Farbig / Archiv

  • Medientyp (andere Optionen)

    Normal / Dünn / Gebunden / Gelocht / Vorbedruckt / Recycelt / Umschlag / Folie / Etikett / Fotokarton / Briefkopf / Dick / Farbig / Archiv

  • Mediengröße (Kassette)

    98 mm × 148 mm bis 215,9 mm × 355,6 mm

  • Mediengröße (Mehrzweckfach)

    98 mm × 148 mm bis 215,9 mm × 355,6 mm

  • Mediengröße (andere Optionen)

    Letter / Legal / Oficio / Folio / A4 / JIS B5 / ISO B5 / Executive / A5 / Statement / A6 / Postkarte 4 × 6 / Briefumschlag B5 / Briefumschlag Monarch / Briefumschlag COM-10 / Briefumschlag DL / Briefumschlag C5 / Briefumschlag C6 / Benutzerdefiniert

  • Mediengewichte (Kassette)

    Normalpapier: 60 – 90 g/m² Dünnes Papier: 60 g/m² Gebunden: 105 – 120 g/m² Gelocht: 60 – 90 g/m² Vorbedruckt: 60 – 90 g/m² Recycelt: 90 – 108 g/m² Umschlag: 75 – 90 g/m² Folie: 138 – 146g/m² Etikett: 120 – 150g/m² Fotokarton: 90 – 220 g/m² Briefkopf: 90 g/m² Baumwollfaserpapier

  • Mediengewichte (Mehrzweckfach)

    60 bis 220 g/m²

  • Mediengewichte (andere Optionen)

    Normalpapier: 60 – 90 g/m² Dünnes Papier: 60 g/m² Gebunden: 105 – 120 g/m² Gelocht: 60 – 90 g/m² Vorbedruckt: 60 – 90 g/m² Recycelt: 90 – 108 g/m² Umschlag: 75 – 90 g/m² Folie: 138 – 146 g/m² Etikett: 120 – 150 g/m² Fotokarton: 90 – 220 g/m² Briefkopf: 90 g/m² Baumwollfaserpapier

  • ADF Type


  • ADF Document Capacity

    100 Blatt

  • Ausgabevermögen

    500 Blatt


  • Toner (schwarz)

    25.000 Seiten

  • Bildeinheit/Trommel (schwarz)

    80.000 Seiten


  • Option

    256 MB Speicher: ML-MEM160 / optionale Kassettenzuführung (x3): SCX-6555A / Zuführung mit großem Fassungsvermögen: SCX-HCF100 / Fax-Kit: SCX-FAX210 / Finisher: SCX-FIN11S / 2-Bin-Finisher : SCX-FIN20S / 4-Bin-Mailbox : SCX-MBT40S / Hefterkartusche: SCX-STP000 / Stand Short-Typ: SCX-DSK10S / Stand Tall-Typ: SCX-DSK10T / FDI Kit: SCX-KIT20F


  • Flottenverwaltung


  • Ausgabeverwaltung


  • Dokumentenverwaltung


  • Mobilität