With Power Sleep, you will help comparing
protein sequences, which will subsequently
be saved in the SIMAP database.

The SIMAP evaluations provide vital data
for scientists in fields like genetics and
heredity, biochemistry and molecular
biology as well as cancer research.
So you can be sure that you will definitely
do a lot of good with Power Sleep.


Prof. Dr. Thomas Rattei is the leader
of the SIMAP project, which was launched
back in 2010 at the University of Vienna.
SIMAP comprises about 40 million different
protein sequences from more than
80 million database entries.

Processing big data like that requires
huge CPU capacities, which you too
can now contribute. For more information,
please visit


The concept of Power Sleep is based on the
principle of 'distributed computing'.
This means that a computing task is split
into various parts, which can then be carried
out by several computers simultaneously.

The more people donate their processing power,
the more powerful the Power Sleep network will get. And the more effective we will be at aiding scientific progress.

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Matthias Horn

Department of Microbial Ecology,
University of Vienna

“SIMAP helps us to reconstruct the history of the development of pathogens. In this way we are learning how, in the course of evolution, originally harmless bacteria have turned into dangerous germs. The knowledge about the emergence of pathogens can help us to fight infectious diseases more effectively.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Michael Kunze

Institute for Social Medicine,
Medical University of Vienna

“As a scientist in social medicine, the fight against diseases like cancer or Alzheimer's is a particular concern of mine. It is, therefore, truly worth supporting this initiative and I hope that many Austrians will take part in this.”

Prof. Dr. Hans-Werner Mewes

Institute for Bioinformatics and
Systems Biology, Helmholtz
Zentrum Munich

“It's a fantastic idea to utilize smartphones in order to support vital research in life sciences. The results are used by thousands of scientists around the world. Power Sleep aided by BOINC is not 'thinking big', it is 'thinking smart(phone)'.”

Prof. Doron Lancet

Crown Human Genome Center,
Weizmann Institute of Science

“We have been working with Dr. Rattei on charity projects like GeneCards, a database for human genes, for nearly two years already. And we are using SIMAP as the basis for our work. Therefore, we know how important SIMAP is and we support Power Sleep from the bottom of our hearts.”

Prof. Christian von Mering

Bioinformatics Group, Institute for
Molecular Life Sciences,
University of Zurich

“Power Sleep helps the SIMAP project to categorize and compare gene sequences much faster. The computation-intensive comparison is carried out centrally by SIMAP, enabling us to work more focused and efficiently on our research projects.”