K950 Soundbar

Feel sound
all around you

Bring the highest-quality audio to your TV with the Soundbar K950 Dolby Atmos®-enabled soundbar. Feel cinematic multi-dimensional sound with built-in speakers that point up and out, putting you in the centre of the action.1

Cinematic sound at home

Get incredible cinema-like sound without leaving home. With 500 watts of
combined power and Dolby Atmos® support, 15 built-in speakers,
including 4 upward-firing drivers and rear wireless speakers,4 deliver
crystal clear sound that feels like it comes from all around (including above).1

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Four upward-firing speakers send sound to the ceiling. Rain feels like it’s above you and helicopters sound like they’re flying overhead.1


Precisely place each speaker to move sound throughout the room, so footballs whoosh past you and cars race right by you.2


Even the smallest, most subtle sounds are brought to life with crystal clarity.1

Surround Sound Expansion Plus

Hear your favourite movies in a whole new way. Proprietary
Surround Sound Expansion Plus up-mixes standard audio content to up to
5.1.4 channels, adding an overhead sound dimension to virtually anything you watch.

K950 - Surround Sound Expansion Plus

Don’t just hear sound, feel it

Experience the new K950 Soundbar in store

Wireless Multiroom Audio Ready

Spread music throughout your home when you add the HW-K950 Soundbar
to your Wireless Multiroom compatible Samsung TV, Speakers or Home Theatre System.
Play different songs in each connected room at once or stream one song everywhere,
and control what plays where from a compatible smartphone.7

Connect wirelessly, seamlessly
Connect wirelessly, seamlessly
Wireless Multiroom

Engineered by Samsung Audio Lab

Engineered and tuned for peak performance by Samsung Audio Lab in California,
the Dolby Atmos®–enabled HW-K950 can bring cinematic depth and detail to your home
listening and viewing experience. From this cutting edge facility in the heart of the entertainment industry,
Samsung develops and tunes audio products with exceptionally balanced, enveloping surround sound.

Engineered by Samsung Audio Lab

What Australia's best-known
media has to say3

“That has to be one of the best soundbars that
I have ever heard”

- Paul Taylor, Editor of T3 Australia


“Blown away by the sound quality and the Dolby Atmos 3D sound effects”

- Steve Fenech, Tech Guide


“I think the real story in this is the complete ease of use for consumers – without compromising on sound”

- Chris Griffith, The Australian

The Australian

“Really impressed by the soundbar, especially just how well the upwards firing speakers work”

- Alex Choros, Cybershack


“A hefty slice of the performance you can get from a carefully tuned component system, but without most of the complexity or a room full of speakers.”

- Sound and Vision

Sound and Vision

“The HW-K950 sounded almost as good as our full 7.2.4 setup with actual overhead speakers.”

- AV Forums

AV Forums

The way sound should sound

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K950 Soundbar

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  1. Sound quality will depend on source content. Overhead sound effect may vary depending on ceiling features, including surface, material, height and orientation.
  2. To get the best results from your Soundbar system, see our recommendations for your home theatre setup in the HW-K950 Setup Guide.
  3. The opinions expressed in the quotes provided are the opinion of the person quoted and should not be taken to reflect the views or opinions of Samsung Electronics Australia.
  4. Each speaker requires a connection to a mains power supply.
  5. Requires High Speed 4K HDMI cables, a 4K UHD TV (with HDCP2.2 and HDMI 2.0a) and 4K UHD content with Dolby Atmos®, each sold separately.
  6. Sound quality depends on source content. Compatible Bluetooth® device required.
  7. Each speaker must be connected to a mains power supply. Wireless functionality requires a Wi-Fi network, compatible smartphone or tablet, and Samsung Hub (each sold separately). App must be downloaded. Data charges may apply. Content is subject to third party agreements.