Corporate Citizenship

Mission Statement

Samsung Electronics Australia uses its global network and position as a leader in innovation to create positive change for Australians. Our work will help address the economic, social and geographic divides that exist in education for young people across the country. 

Our purpose is people, helping them live better lives.
We are part of Samsung’s global Corporate Citizenship community and our activities reflect this. On a global and local level, Samsung staff are actively involved in activities to help make meaningful change in their communities. 
Our partners are central to all we do as they bring expertise and increased engagement with the communities we support. We also work collaboratively with young people and their families, teachers and support networks right around the nation to understand what matters most and how we can provide meaningful assistance. 
We seek local Corporate Citizenship partners with comprehensive action plans and a clearly articulated mission that reflects our goals. We collaborate with experts and opinion leaders from education, science and technology industries, as well as youth and community groups and all levels of government.

We are committed to providing opportunities in education that accelerate discoveries and possibilities and help young people realise their potential. 
We strive to provide creative and innovative learning opportunities that have relevance in the wider community and to provide skills that are in demand, and likely to increase in demand, in the workplace. With this in mind, we aim to help address the declining interest in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) education in Australia with programs designed to increase technical skills and improve engagement in STEM education. Our aim is to complement traditional classroom education with programs that develop skills, inspire a love of learning and contribute to a young person’s development. 
We engage young Australians in bold ways, regardless of socio-economic or geographic barriers. We create opportunities with scale; to reach as many young people as possible and we aim to provide benefit at an individual and community level. At Samsung we believe that learning should never stop, so we create learning and development opportunities for our staff to increase their understanding of Australian communities and become active citizens. 

Samsung can contribute to the community in unique and powerful ways and our Corporate Citizenship program should add value where we are best placed to do so. 
Samsung is a world-leader in technology and innovation as well as being one of the world’s most valuable brands. For Citizenship, this means that we look to enhance educational outcomes with our technology. It also means we are an active participant in the Corporate Citizenship and education communities and we take steps to promote the value of these initiatives to encourage community awareness and discussion. We are excited by the opportunity to use our technology to develop innovative learning experiences for young people and are committed to ensuring our programs spark measurable and meaningful change.