FJM Indoor

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FJM Indoor Unit - MSP Ducted

- Built-in room temperature sensor
- Automatic stop function
- Filter replacement alert
- Intuitive Control

A ducted indoor unit can be installed out of sight, normally in the roof or ceiling cavity. The air is distributed into a room through vents.

Standard wired controller included. Optional premium backlit LCD wired controller available.

Intelligent and Effective Air
Samsung’s Smart Inverter technology helps maintain a comfortable temperature without constantly shutting off and switching on the compressor. It automatically adjusts the capacity of the system to cope with any temperature variances, helping to ensure that you experience minimal temperature fluctuation for optimal comfort.

Comfortable, Reliable Air
Samsung ducted air conditioners are designed to keep on working, even on those extremely hot or cold days. With an operating range of -15°C to 50°C outside air temperature for cooling, and -20°C to 24°C for heating, you can rest assured that your unit will work when you need it the most.

Intuitive Controller
A stylish and intuitive controller makes it easy to select desired temperature and fan speeds. Standard Controller Features are listed below. Premium controller models also include a number of advanced features such as LCD backlighting and time scheduling.

  • Quick-access on/off and temperature selection buttons
  • On/off timer allows the system to be started or stopped after a set time has passes
  • Built-in room temperature sensor
  • Upper / Lower temperature limit setting prevents temperature changes outside a set range
  • Automatic stop function can set the unit to stop running after a set time has passed. This can help prevent the system being left on accidentally
  • Child lock
  • Button permission levels
  • Filter replacement alert

Peace Of Mind
Rest assured that you are buying a quality air conditioner with Samsung's 5 year parts and labour warranty. Refer to the warranty card included with your product and in the warranty section of this website for full details.

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Peace of mind

5 year parts and labour warranty

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