Multi Rooms

Cool or heat multiple rooms
from one air conditioning system

Samsung ducted inverter and Free Joint Multi (FJM) inverter systems offer the ability to cool or heat multiple rooms in your home from the one system. A ducted system has a single indoor unit which can be hidden away in your roof space which distributes the conditioned air through ducts to outlets in each room. An FJM system runs multiple indoor units installed throughout your home.


With a choice of wall mounted, cassette, ducted and console style indoor units, you can set different temperatures for each indoor unit*. This means everyone can be comfortable in their own space.

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Using only 1 outdoor with multiple indoors can help save space and improve the appearance of your home compared to single split types which require an outdoor for each indoor unit.

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cut-away diagram of home with ducted air-conditioning system

Make your whole home comfortable with conditioned air from relatively unobtrusive ducts which can be hidden in your roof space.

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