S Note

Note being written on display of Galaxy Note5

Take full advantage of S Note on the big screen. Connect your Galaxy device with your compatible computer^ and you have immediate access to your S Note contents. From adding new content to editing existing ones, there's freedom and flexibility with the S Note app.

^S Note must be downloaded to your compatible PC. Internet connection required.

Done with the S Pen

From scribbles to elabourate works of art, the S Pen breathes life into your creations. Plus, you never have to worry about it running out of ink.

Three Galaxy Note5s with different examples of how to use S Note with the S Pen

Express yourself

Why stop at simple notes and drawings? Create rich multimedia content with photos and audio tracks.

  • Image icon on S Note app is enlarged

    Insert image from gallery

  • The edge of an image within the S Note app is enlarged

    Take a picture

  • Example of images saved to album via the S Note app

    Attach voice recording

Highly organised

S Note is so useful and fun that you’ll amass heaps of files in no time. Group them by themes of your choice so you can find the one you need right away.

Example of different categories set on S Note app on Galaxy Note5

Access S Note from your PC

Sometimes you’ll want to see or edit your S Note files on a bigger screen. Sync with your compatible computer* to pick up where you left off on your Galaxy device.

^ S Note must be downloaded to your compatible PC. Internet connection required.

Samsung notebook with S Note on screen synced with S Note on Galaxy Note5

*To access S Note from your PC, click on the button below to access a link that downloads the required software to your computer.

*Click here to go to the download page.

Click to open S Note in Galaxy Apps in a new window