A book you definitely judge by its cover


A book you definitely judge by its cover


A big accomplishment,




A story 33,000 hours in the making.


A piece of paper inspires our thinnest notebook yet.


There’s always more to the story.

Listen to the story from our designers.



A snapshot of the Series 9.

  • Award winning, stunning 2nd gen thin and light design

  • 1 year warranty on models loaded with Windows 8

  • 3 year warranty and TMP security module on business models loaded with windows 8 pro**

  • 100% aluminium single sheel chassis

  • 128GB SSD drive with fast wake up and boot times

  • Expandable Memory up to 8GB

  • Up to 10 hours battery life*

*Mobile Mark test scores based on LCD brightness at minimum setting and WLAN R/F off. Battery life dependant on configuration and use. **Only available with the Series 9 models loaded with Windows 8 Pro. The 3 year warranty is a return to base warranty. Models: NP900X3C-AB1AU, NP900X3C-AB2AU, NP900X4C-AB1AU, NP900X4C-AB2AU.