Move Effortlessly between Mobile and Power Computing with Central Station

Dec 21, 2011

Samsung Central Station monitor

Are you always on the go, but looking for a simple way to move effortlessly to and from mobile and power computing? Samsung’s Central Station easily connects your notebook to just about everything you need for digital work or play. It brings your IT workspace together by unifying your display, network and audio visual as well as your Samsung peripherals, such as mobile phone, MP3 player, camera, tab and external storage drives.*

Published: January 5, 2011

What is Central Station and How Does it Work

Central Station is an IT hub available in a wired version. When you return from a meeting with your notebook, simply bring your notebook back to your desk, plug in a single USB cable and your PC will automatically reconnect to your USB peripherals, external display and Ethernet.

So, with Central Station you no longer have to plug and unplug your mobile phone, MP3 player, tablet external storage drive your mouse and keyboard. They stay connected to Central Station and ready to use as soon as you bring your PC back to your desk. Plus, Central Station charges your hand-held devices, even when you take your laptop away.

Maximise Productivity with Extreme Simplicity

The benefit of Central Station is that one minute you can be multi-tasking on your sofa -watching TV while checking your email and the next minute you can be back at your desk, instantly reconnected to your mouse, keyboard, MP3 player and your external hard disk drive (HDD). Also, you get the additional benefit of an extended desktop on a large secondary display. Central Station is a powerful IT hub that allows you to easily connect and reconnect without changing most settings, simply connecting a single cord is all it takes.

In a business environment, it’s so easy to grab your PC and run to a meeting and then instantly reconnect to everything when you sit down at your desk again. Plus, keep the same Central Station through multiple generations of PCs*. No more buying a new docking station every time you upgrade PC*.

Engineered for the Demanding PC User

The large 23” or 27” inch of the Central Station display provides a huge expansion of or extension to your PC workspace. It also includes two USB 3.0 ports so you can experience fast speeds from your peripherals. Also, you can experience full 1080p high definition video by connecting a set top box, blu-ray player or game console to the Central Station via high-definition multimedia interface. With Central Station, your PC audio is automatically routed to your desktop speaker system for superior sound.*

Breakthrough Picture Quality and Ergonomic Design

As with all Samsung LED** displays, Central Station delivers incredible picture quality. The dual-hinge height-adjustment provides ergonomic support: raise the display to eye level or lower it to be flush with your laptop display.

Central Station is available in 23 and 27 inches. Look for the following model numbers:
C23A550U or C27A550U.

* Central Station sold separately to other connecting workspace devices.
**LED monitors utilise LCD screens with LED edge lights.