Versatile 3D* Monitors that Let You Watch and Game

Dec 21, 2011

Two Samsung 3D monitors

Are you looking for a 3D* monitor that lets you enjoy more content types from movies to games, to content you create using your 3D camera or 3D webcam? Samsung’s 2011 line of 3D monitors and HDTV/monitors not only delivers amazing picture quality, they also let you view and interact with a wide variety of 3D* content.

Do and See More in 3D*

Samsung’s 750 and 950 Series monitors and HDTV/monitors let you enjoy a wide variety of content in 3D*, from 3D gaming to 3D movies, 3D internet content**, 3D photos, and 3D broadcast channels**. You can watch 2D content on all of the 3D monitors and many of them have real-time 2D to 3D conversion so you can watch 2D content in 3D.

Great 2D Experience

You can view all 2D content on a Samsung 3D monitor and experience stunning picture quality and colour vibrancy with limited glare. All 3D monitors have a combination of LED^- coverage and Samsung’s proprietary Ultra Clear Panel. This technology absorbs some of the available light in a room whether it’s from natural or mechanical sources and reduces reflections so colours appear vibrant: blacks are deeper and the contrast is enhanced.

Solution in a Box for Series 750 and 950

Samsung’s 750 and 950 Series Monitors include 3D glasses, built-in sync emitter and middleware.***

3D Monitors will be available in 23 and 27 inches.

*For 3D monitors, look for the following model codes: S23A750D, S27A750D, S23A950D and S27A950D and for HDTV/Monitors look for the T22A350 and T27A950. Glasses are required to view 3D monitors.
** Internet connection is required. Internet data download and usage charges may apply.
^Samsung LED monitors use LED edge lights and LCD screens.
***For 3D monitors other than Series 750 and 950, 3D glasses, built-in sync emitters and middleware are sold separately to the monitor.