Cook with greater control with an induction hob

Dec 21, 2011

Man pouring himself a cop of coffee from a cafeteria

When it comes to exceptional cooking performance, most people will tell you that the gas hob simply can’t be beat. But does this still apply since the introduction of the induction hob?

Up until recently, there have been only two types of cooker hobs available in the market, those being either electric or gas. But now there’s a third choice…

Induction hobs are one of the exciting advancements in the cooking industry and offer an alternative to gas cooking which essentially combines style with performance, offering the best of both worlds.

With induction hobs, heat is generated directly in the pan with the use of induction coils, and as a result induction hobs are fast and responsive.

Samsung induction hobs boast a contemporary design, which will appeal to kitchens featuring a minimalist design. With LED displays and touch controls, they are very stylish.

Finally, induction hobs also offer new cutting edge features to enhance its overall performance. One of the latest new applications to appear in some Samsung models is the AnyPlace Zone, which lets you place you pan, big or small, in any area on the hob surface and it automatically heats up in the exact spot you place it, which is just another way induction hobs are raising standards in the kitchen.

Please note that your cookware must be compatible with induction heating. Glass, ceramics, copper and solid aluminium cookware are unusable. Please check cookware instructions before use. Cookware must have a flat bottom.