MultiView & 2View: Fun and Easy Self Portraits

Dec 22, 2011

Samsung DualView camera

Samsung’s MultiView and 2View cameras make it simple for anyone to jump out from behind the camera and into their own memorable moments.

Published: March 2, 2011

Get in the Shot

The MultiView and 2View cameras are social like you, letting you be a part of the photos you share each day. Snap a great shot with your friends at a party or freeze a romantic kiss to cherish forever, either way you're part of the moment. That once-in-a-lifetime picture with your favourite celebrity has to be quick and easy so you're not left out.


The MultiView MV800 with the flip-out display lets you capture life with ease. The MV800's 3.0" inch display flips up and down so you can frame shots at almost any angle. With the MV800's wide range of features, you can approach the shot from almost every direction and explore almost every artistic possibility. Use the flip-out display as a kickstand to prop up the camera and instantly play back your brilliant shots for everybody to enjoy.

Capture the moment with the high-resolution quality of 16.1 mega pixels. The 5x optical zoom lets you take close up shots of your friends. The MV800 features a 26mm wide-angle lens that lets you capture as much as you can.


Samsung's 2View ST700 has a generous 1.8" front side display.
Preview self-portraits, take the shot, and then flip the camera around to view photos on the wide 3.0" inch display. There are also great features on this camera such as Children Mode, Jump Shot and Self Timer.

  • • Children Mode - Capture all the special moments of your child - The front screen of your camera is able to run short animations with music to capture the attention of your child when taking photos. This will help to ensure that your child is looking into the camera when you're trying to capture that special moment.

  • • Jump Shot - offers cues before taking three fast shots.

  • • Self Timer -is an impressive feature which is a visual countdown to coordinate group shots so everyone is smiling at the same time.

Samsung's innovative MultiView and 2View cameras are changing how you photograph yourself. Never miss a photo-op again because you were out of frame or messing with settings. Get out from behind the camera, get into your shots and start taking pictures that look as amazing as you remember.

*Product does not include animations.