Help Get More Video Views With These Production Tips

May 31, 2013

Help Get More Video Views With These Production Tips

Wishing more people would watch your videos? While it’s relatively easy to take videos these days, it can be hard to get people to actually sit through them. If your goal is to get more views for your creations, here are some tips which can help improve your chances by producing better videos.

Sure, it’s fun to put your cat’s antics or your friend’s birthday party up on YouTube for your family and friends. But if you actually want people to watch, check out these tips for making better videos.

Quality Counts

Don’t make the mistake of thinking “anything goes” on the Internet. We’re living in a HD world and, as the Internet, television, and social sharing technologies continue to converge, your video might just wind up on a big screen. Make sure to use a high-quality camera like the Samsung QF30, which shoots in Full HD 1920 x 1080 resolution with a 60-fps interlaced frame rate for superb image quality.

Get Your Lighting Right

To produce watchable videos, good lighting is critical. When lighting an indoor subject like an interview, you can improve the look of your video by following a standard known as three-point lighting. The main lamp, or “key light,” should typically be bright and aimed at the subject. An additional, less-bright “fill light” from the opposite direction can tone down harsh shadows. When you’re filming a subject against a background, a “hair light” (usually from above) helps subjects stand out from the backdrop. And remember to keep the fixtures out of the video frame!

Keep It Steady

Shaky camera footage can be annoying to watch for more than a second or two. For setup shots, a tripod keeps the camera steady; for handheld shots, make sure your camera has an optical image stabiliser. The QF30 features the exceptionally powerful OIS Duo Plus, which works in the camera’s lens, image sensor, and software to help keep unwanted movement to a minimum.

Tell a Story

Throughout human history we’ve been conditioned to respond to stories that have a beginning, a middle, and an end. To effectively engage people, your video should have some hint of that structure—no matter how brief or how off-the-wall creative.

Take a friend’s birthday celebration, for example. Your video could begin with blowing up the balloons or with the “Surprise!”, move on to the guests, and end with a shot of your friend blowing out the candles, or an even artsy, silent shot of the crumpled-up wrapping paper to signify that the gifts have been opened and everyone’s gone home. And if your friends, family, or other audience want to see the birthday party story unfold for themselves, the QF30 also lets you share your recordings online in virtually real time on Ustream.*^

Make It Brief

Fifteen minutes of fame is way too long in the video-sharing world—even for your mother to tolerate. Unless you have an unusually compelling story to tell, keep your video short—less than three minutes is best—and keep it moving. If you’re turning the camera on friends, give them limits. In the birthday party situation above, for example, rather than let guests ramble on tape, you could ask them to describe the birthday guy in one word.

Do the Unexpected

Within the structure of your video story, get as creative as you like. For example, shoot your video from different angles—above, below, or from the side. The QF30 comes with Switch Grip II, so you automatically take right-side-up video, no matter which way you hold the camera. Capture unsuspecting cake-eaters with zoom, or add special effects such as time lapse.

Create a Mood

Music, too, helps create a mood, so choose a tune that works with your footage. If you’re uploading your video on the Web, make sure you have the rights to the music (believe it or not, you actually can’t use “Happy Birthday” without obtaining the rights). The QF30 Camcorder has Smart BMG II with My Music, which lets you add music right from the camera—your own, or from preloaded selections that are rights-cleared for Internet uploading.

Stay Charged Up

Nothing’s worse than running out of power in the middle of filming. When you’re on the go, carry one or more extra battery packs. The QF30 Camcorder has USB charging, so you can charge right from your laptop with the provided usb cable —no need to look for another electrical outlet.

Get Noticed

When your video is finished, upload it to YouTube or any of your preferred video-sharing sites, or stream it to your television for group viewing. Use the built-in Wi-Fi capability of the QF30 to upload the video to your compatible smartphone or to your social media networks—and spread the word that you’ve got a new and improved video ready to share with the world!*^

* Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. Usage may be subject to third party service provider agreement. Samsung takes copyright seriously. Only share content that you own or have the right to share.