Samsung 830 Series SSD Benefits

Sep 26, 2012

Find out the top 10 benefits of the Samsung 830 Series Solid State Drive and how it may help you with your PC Transformation.


Optimised for sustained performance.

2.100% Samsung parts

All parts are 100% Samsung manufactured.

3. Performance

Give your notebook or desktop a boost with sustained performance.

4. Fast

The 830 Series' sequential read speed provides lightning fast access to your files.

5. Design

Stunning, sleek, brushed metal design and precision engineering.

6. User friendly installation

Comes with a user friendly installation kit, including a full version of Norton Ghost.

7. Magician Software

Helps to make it easy to maintain the SSD.

8. Toggle DDR NAND Flash

The 20 nanometre class toggle DDR NAND Flash Chips enable data transfer rates up to 133Mps.

9. Norton Ghost Software

Includes all you need to get up and running and most importantly stay running.

10. 256MB DDR2 DRAMS, Cache Memory

Cache memory helps to maintain stable random read performance.

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