Samsung Series 9 Notebook: Inspired by Design

Dec 22, 2011

Series 9: Thin, Light, Powerful

It’s been said that good design tells a story. The Samsung Series 9 Notebook possesses an advanced design and tells a story inspired by the beauty of natural elements and the strength of manmade structures. Its elegant lines and premium finish are eye-catching, but it’s the arching side curve that makes a statement. This simple curve reflects the natural flowing streams and architectural arches that influenced its design.

Rolls with the Punches

Don't let its sleek design fool you. The Series 9 Notebook is strong on the inside and the outside. It utilises the lightweight yet strong material Duralumin to create a slim and aerodynamic design.


Light Enough to Move with You

The Series 9 is a lean, mean machine that weighs less than three pounds and measures 1.63cm thick (based on model NP900X3A-A03AU), making it portable enough to carry with you.


Design is in the Details

For the Series 9, great attention was paid to the details in order to achieve an overall look that is both simple and sophisticated. The exterior is clean and uncluttered, confident and focused; this is reflected in every aspect of its features. Some of Series 9's great features are listed below.

  • Brilliant LCD Display Design Creates Visual Impact - The bright, high-performance display calls no attention to itself,it is instead seamlessly integrated to the form.

  • Multi-touch Clickpad provides Sophisticated and Intuitive Navigation - Featuring a glass coating and image sensor, the button-less multi-touch clickpad is stylish and convenient. You can enjoy enhanced multi-touch awareness and palm rejection, which means no more cursors disappearing or jumping out of place.

  • Backlit Keyboard Illuminates your Workspace - The backlit keyboard is always easy to see regardless of the time of day or environment. A 3D image sensor interprets simple finger movements such as pinch, swipe and rotate, so you can interact with your documents, images and applications.

As Stylish and Mobile as You

Today's technology is as much a fashion accessory in some circles as it is a functional necessity, so you need a notebook that not only does the job but looks good. From its subtle curves to its lightweight design, the Series 9 looks as good as it performs, whether you're running around town or flying out of it.