Combining the latest LED* technology with a beautifully elegant design, the Series 79 Hospitality Display is sure to create an amazing impression on your guests. Its features and 3D full HD experience add up to a world-class performance worthy of a premium hotel. Its eye-catching design will help enhance the look and feel of your rooms without dominating them. Our Smart Hub offers your guests an immersive entertainment experience with extra engagement and flexibility, allowing you to meet their expectations. The Series 79 uses AllShare technology to give guests great flexibility by allowing them to display their own videos, photos and music on the screen.

*Samsung LED displays utilise LCD screens with LED edge lights

Full HD

The Series 79 Hospitality Display is specifically designed to meet the expectations of the premium hotel industry, providing your guests with an utterly absorbing, crystal-clear experience. It uses cutting-edge TV technology to reinvent TV programmes or movies with phenomenal depth. The truly outstanding Series 79 will astonish your guests and elevate your brand’s prestige.

Samsung Smart Widget

Our Smart Widget Solution offers many benefits to your guests and to your business. It enables you to deliver customised content to the guests via their televisions, making it visible either to individual rooms or to the entire hotel. By granting your guests access to a variety of web-based applications and TV channels, you will make them feel truly at home. With no external set-top box, there are no installation and maintenance charges, so your business overheads are reduced.

AllShare (DLNA)

Our AllShare technology allows you to offer your guests a broader, more flexible range of entertainment options thanks to the interoperability presented by DLNA technology. This sharing network allows them to connect their laptops and cameras to display their own content such as films, photos and music. The high-quality Series 79 screen will ensure that they enjoy a memorable entertainment experience.

*The use of Samsung Link cloud storage requires separate registration with a third-party storage provider. Usage is subject to service provider agreements. Internet connection required. Data download and subscription charges may apply. Samsung does not authorise, sanction, approve or countenance any use of its Samsung Link application that infringe copyright or is otherwise contrary to law.

Soft AP

The Series 79 uses SoftAP technology to grant your guests access to the internet* without incurring major costs for your business. It will enable them to connect personal devices to their room's Hospitality Display, giving them a wider and more flexible range of entertainment options. SoftAP creates a wireless hotspot, allowing you to provide internet access to your guests without the cost of installing a separate routers.

*Internet connection required. Data download and subscription charges may apply.

Slim LED

Our beautifully-designed LED Hospitality Displays have been created to give your guests the ultimate entertainment experience. This ultra-slim television, with a mere 1.2 inch bezel, enhances your guests' viewing pleasure and saves space in their rooms. Superior TVs are a valuable aspect of quality hotel experiences, and these sophisticated Series 79 displays are sure to meet your and your guests' high expectations.

*Samsung Slim LED TVs utlise. LED screens with LED edge lights and LED backlights

Built-in Wi-Fi

With the Series 79 Hospitality Display, Wi-Fi is embedded in the televisions, meaning your rooms will not require any LAN cables. Guests will be provided with reliable internet access whenever they want, increasing yours guests' engagement and flexibility.

External Speaker Output

The Soundbar offers your guests total control over an immersive surround-sound experience with one elegant, easy-to-install device. A single remote operates the TV and the Soundbar simultaneously. Connecting the Soundbar is straightforward and automatically applies the audio settings and menu lock features, meaning you do not have to set up the devices separately. This feature also prevents guests from changing default settings, reducing the servicing required between occupants.

Multi-code Remote Up To 10 TVs

With the Series 79 you can increase usability and connectivity by controlling up to 10 TVs individually with one remote. Our Hospitality Displays' multi-code remote is ideal for gym and hospital environments, allowing guests and patients to enjoy television without causing interference or interruption to other displays.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.