Transform your Samsung LED large format displays (LFDs) into all-inclusive digital signage solutions to accommodate your business' needs. The PC module can eliminate the need for external PCs and cables, maintaining a clutter-free display environment. This can help facilitate efficient space management and create a simplified environment.


The Samsung Plug-in Module represents the ultimate in display convenience. The slim, lightweight PC simply plugs in to the LFD, with no need for external connection cables. By transferring power and signals internally, extra computers or clutter can be avoided. There is no need to manoeuvre heavy desktops or laptops, letting users save time and effort whilst reducing the risk of damage or injury.

Slim and Lightweight Design

The compact, lightweight Samsung Plug-in Module PC option slots in nicely with our slim-edged LFDs. This ensures that your business displays look sleek and professional. The PIM’s efficient design keeps unit weight and depth to a minimum. Your business display area remains tidy, allowing customers to focus on the message presented to them.

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