The Samsung MX-3 Series LCD display delivers your message with power and precision. Designed for indoor applicaions with maximum usage of 16 hours a day, 7 days a week, the MX-3 series offers a crisp picture at an affordable price. The range of features includes Built in Speakers, PIP/PBP, Pivot Display, Button Lock, and Smart Scheduling, and RS232C/RJ45 multi display control.

Brilliant Picture Quality

The MX- 3 Series delivers vibrant and realistic images to ensure your message gets the attention it deserves. The Samsung LFD Full HD models (320MX(n)-3 HD 1366 x 768) are naturally eye catching and demand attention. With rich colour and dramatic depth of detail the MX Series delivers your important messages with impact.

Optional Slide in PC Module for 40 and 46 inch models

With the Samsung MX Series you can enhance the signage solution with the optional Slide-in-Module (SIM). The optional SIM player is a simple "slide in" installation so it is housed within the display once installed. Using our MagicInfo i Premium signage software suite, you can create, schedule and deliver media content to the SIM, so your important messages are residing on board for display. MagicInfo i Premium enables display control and monitoring functions to complete the package.

Convenient Features

The Samsung MX-3 series provides enhanced functionality aligned to your business needs. The Samsung MX-3 Series Displays give you the flexibility to install your display vertically or horizontally. The intelligent Smart Scheduling feature enables you to set timer schedules for time, date, volume and input source.


the MX-3 series comes equipped with a number of connectivity features to enhance your media playing options, including a professional display port interface, DVI-D in, 2 x HDMI, Analog D-SUB and audio in and out. The Series also features an upgraded Multi Display Control solution that lets you control a large number of displays through their embedded RS232 and RJ45 interfaces.

Reliable Digital Signage Display

Our extensive range of LFDs produces astonishing advertising solutions when used to create increasingly popular Digital Information Displays. The displays’ advanced features and widest variety of sizes will ensure reliable performance while making a compelling impact on your audience. The ultra-narrow bezels result in a superior visual experience, and they are specifically designed for both indoor and outdoor use thanks to airtight casing that protects them from dust, humidity and high temperatures.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.