Heavy Usage LED*BLU Displays with up to 700cd/m² brightness

Key Features include:
• Designed for applications requiring up to 24/7 use
• Low Glare Screen surface for easy readability
• Auto Source Switching & Recovery
• Built in Speakers
• Image Rotation
• Plug and Play (through USB)
• Slim Depth (35.1mm)
• MagicInfo (Lite, Premium-S, Videowall-S) compatible1

24/7 Performance with Exceptional Quality

With up to 700 candela brightness, low glare screen surfaces and suiting 24/7 applications, the Samsung PE series displays can perform day and night in challenging environments.

DP1.2 Loop out for UHD resolution3

DP1.2 Ultra High Definition Loop Out for 2 x 2 Video Wall Configurations
The new Samsung PE-C series displays utilises DP1.2 technology to help enable delivery of UHD content across 4 separate displays (each display sold separately) when set up in a 2 x 2 landscape video wall configuration. Simply loop out of the first display with a DP1.2 cable2 and daisy chain the displays and they are ready to accept Ultra High Definition (3820 x 2160) content.3

LED* edge lit for high contrast and vivid colour

The Samsung PE-C Series features LED* lamps located on the sides of the panel. The lamps emit light from the display sides, meaning additional space behind the LCD panel for lighting is not required. The result is slimline displays with amazing colour and contrast.

Great display and content flexibility with Image Rotation

Easy Image Rotation – use the display settings to rotate your content
The new Samsung PE-C Series now comes with an image rotation feature which enables simple rotation of screen content using display menu functions. The feature is designed to allow content to be reoriented with minimal impact on its aspect ratio. It can also be delivered to multiple compatible screens via DP1.2 loop out (daisy chain)2, e.g. to expand landscape content across 3 displays in portrait mode (as shown above).

HDCP Support using DP1.2 loop out2

The new Samsung PE-C Series, now offering the DP1.2 loop out (DP1.2 cables sold separately), also offers HDCP support through DP1.2 loop out for up to 7 compatible displays. This helps to overcome HDCP compliance issues for multi screen deployments or video wall applications where you need to deliver content from one device to multiple displays.

Powerful Connectivity Options

The Samsung PE-C Series offers powerful connectivity. With the Samsung line of PE-C Series displays, RS232 and RJ45 control can be used simultaneously. Using a DP 1.2 loop out (DP1.2 cables sold separately)2, a single image can be shared with connected and compatible nearby screens. This feature helps eliminate the need to purchase separate video signal distributors for each device.

Easy Installation and Great Space Usage

Help improve business display management with the slim, lightweight design of the Samsung PE Series. This attractive LFD ensures easy installation and helps improve space management, leaving room available for other purposes. Content can be delivered to heights of up to 15m thanks to the DisplayPort feature. Furthermore, remote control is ensured by RJ45 port utilisation, even when users are combining RJ45 and RS-232 connections.

Slim and Lightweight for Flexible Installation

The Samsung PE Series has slim depth, giving a sleek overall appearance. The lightweight design frees up space and leads to easy, and efficient installation. A narrow bezel allows viewers to focus on content and allows room for information display. It also enables virtually seamless video walls for an immersive experience.

Samsung’s way to deliver your messages!

The new Samsung Smart Signage Platform and MagicInfo™ Premium S1
Enabling web based multi-display signage networks without the need for external media players!
Included with the latest Samsung PE-C series displays, SSSP eliminates the need for external PC media players, helping to streamline display and content management. Combine with MagicInfo™ Premium S software, to create, schedule and deliver content to either a single display or multiple displays over a network.

Easy Content Creation with MagicInfo™ Premium-S1 4

The SoC technology, combined with MagicInfo™ Premium-S software, allows for creation, scheduling and delivery of content to either a single display or multiple displays over a network. MagicInfo™ Premium-S offers over 60 design templates to help with content creation as well as web based content and display management.

MagicInfo™ Premium –S is compatible with the latest Samsung ME-C, PE-C, UE-C and UD-C series displays and is included with displays for stand-alone (single display) applications.

For network applications using multiple displays, server licenses are required for each display at additional cost 4.

System on Chip Technology

The embedded System on Chip Technology includes a Cortex-A9 1GHz Dual Core CPU, 1GB DDR memory and 8GB FDM (6GB available storage) for the PE-C series.

Customised Solutions

Backed by a stable of top-tier software developers and solution providers, customers will have access to some of the most successful signage experts in the world, to assist in creating customised solutions. The platform will help make life easier for organisations looking to transition from static signage to rich, dynamic digital displays.

Extensive Content Support

Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform supports a wide range of 1920 x 1080 video and audio codecs, including those with extensions .avi, .mkv, .asf, .wmv, .mp4.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.