Achieve more in your workday with Samsung’s easy-to-use ML-6510ND printer. Features such as anti-jam technology, a Gigabit Network*, 700MHz Dual-core CPU, and a new handy Replaceable Maintenance Kit will ensure that your document workflow is smooth and productive. Its user-friendly features such as the OP panel, with numeric keypad and one-touch convenience, the Easy Print Manager and Secure Printing are suited for any modern office environment. And with the heavy media handling capabilities (with full range of paper input/output options), the busier times won’t seem so stressful. So, don’t settle for anything less than a high-performing printer that’s also big on convenience.

*Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply.

Work with Fast Speed printing performance

With Samsung Fast Printing, this model prints documents in a range of sizes and layouts at remarkable speeds thanks to its dual-CPU parallel processing technology. With its expandable memory option, you can also benefit from great flexibility should you need to deal with large documents.

Free your day with a reliable printing

Set your workday free from time-consuming and stress-causing printer blocks with Samsung’s anti-jam technology. Utilising a retard roller, which provides a backward friction during the paper pickup process Common problems that often add to stress-levels, such as miss-feeding and multiple paper feeding from the cassette tray, will become things of the past. An impressive high monthly duty is one of the clear-cut and measurable benefits found with anti-jam technology. So, with Samsung anti-jam technology your printing operation can be hassle-free and reliable.

Take control of office documents with Secure Printing

Important documents can easily end up in the wrong hands, especially when work printers are shared among many users. With Secure Printing you can now keep your documents safe from prying eyes using a pin code, which helps prevent your documents from being printed until it has been entered. Once you have sent the job to the printer, you simply go to the printer, scroll down the user interface to find your particular file, and then authorise the print by entering in the pin code. This is a simple and effective way of keeping tight control over the circulation of important documents, while also minimising unnecessary printing.

Streamline work with easy-to-use printers

Settle for nothing less than brilliant printing solutions. The simple OP panel, which features a new compass dial, a 4-line LCD display and a numeric keypad, provides a simple and easy way to take full control of your printing operation. Featuring a new one-touch convenience button, which is easily found on the front panel and acts as a default setting once turned on, you can now combine two pages into one document. This helps you cut-back on your paper and toner use. The OP panel also simplifies your workflow, with fewer buttons and unnecessary options to worry about. You can really produce amazing results in no time at all.

Get more from every page with Duplex printing

Double your print output. Or, halve your paper use. Either way you look at it; there is no denying that Duplex printing is an essential feature for both business and personal printing. It provides loads of cool and creative ways to fulfill print jobs, from single-sided formats to double-sided booklet formats, and really delivers a professional look and feel every time.

Meet work demands easily with heavy media handling

From everyday documents to important presentations, you always need to give your printing the handling it deserves. If you want to impress with not only high-quality results but also with the professional manner in which you complete the task, then your printer will need heavy media handling. When you combine the Main Tray (supports 163gsm), and the Multi-purpose Tray(supports 220gsm*), your printing operation can handle even the heaviest of jobs. From specialty paper and thick stock to envelopes, which no longer requires its own special feeder and now feeds through the Main Tray…your printing will be trouble-free, and a pure breeze.

*Grams per square metre.

Run a professional operation with a full range of options

With a full range of options for high volume printing, your Samsung printer is ready to make very light work of heavy jobs. Utilising four additional loading trays for extra support, preparing for those big print-runs is all too easy. And thanks to a finisher and 4 bin mailbox option, you can be sure that your work will be delivered safely and looking utterly professional. So, if printing is an important part of your job, then trust Samsung’s full range of print options to get it done right.

Overcome little problems with handy new kit

Printer-related problems are usually easily solved, and our Replaceable Maintenance Kit will help you to do so, with minimum disruption to your working day. The kit includes a fuser, six universal feed rollers (used as either the pickup roller, forward roller or retard roller) and a transfer roller.

Product Configuration


Barcode printing

Keep track of operations with Samsung Barcode Solutions. From stock levels and product movements to membership cards and filing systems, you can help increase productivity and reduce costly errors.

SyncThru™ Admin 6

Who says you can’t do it all? SyncThru™ Admin 6 lets you easily install, manage and monitor all your networked* digital print devices on an accessible interface. You also have the ability to analyse data in great detail with easy-to-read reports.

*Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply.

CounThru™ 2.5 Pro / Enterprise

Get printer status updates without leaving your seat. Receive low toner level warnings, system error notifications and even usage and customer billing summaries with Samsung’s proprietary CounThru™ 2.5 Pro / Enterprise interface.

Easy Print Manager

Run a smooth print operation with Samsung’s Easy Print Manager. Every detail, from toner levels and job accounting to device settings and online* ordering, is channeled into one easy-to-use programme.

SyncThru™ Web Service

Tired of having to install software just to manage your printer? Now you can change printer settings, upgrade firmware and check your printer’s status easily with just a web browser and the innovative SyncThru™ Web Service*.

*Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply.

Universal Print Driver

One print driver, which handles all of your Samsung printers helps eliminate unnecessary installations and integrates your print operation.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.