Design your premium
business style

Equipped with powerful multitasking functionality and
a large, 10.1-inch WQXGA high-resolution display, Samsung
GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition complements your
distinguished, professional style, no matter where your
business takes you.

Enriched Viewing Experience
Optimized viewing experience for
your business style

Large Screen with
Superior Display

A 10.1-inch WQXGA high-resolution
display with crystal-clear viewing quality
is optimized for the use of enhanced
multitasking and productivity tools.
Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014
Edition’s large screen offers an excellent
viewing experience which can maximize
your efficiency and productivity.

My Magazine

Stay synced with the latest personalized
news, emails, social networking sites
(SNS) feeds, task lists and more in a
magazine-like live stream.
The My Magazine user interface (UI)
lets you instantly browse and access
business content to reduce the time
and effort of updating and organizing
your information.

Powerful Multitasking
Streamline your business tasks with
advanced multitasking functionality

Multi Window

Multi Window lets you productively
work on several tasks simultaneously.
With Drag & Drop action, you can easily
drag and drop text or images from one
window to another. Now, there’s no
more opening and closing unnecessary
windows or switching between them
when you’re using different business
applications. Multi Window drives your
productivity to the next level.

Pen Window

With Pen Window, you can multitask
through new windows without interrupting
your work in a main window.
Samsung GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition
helps you rapidly complete work tasks by
optimizing the use of business applications
on open windows to increase your productivity.
A simple stroke of the S Pen activates
applications wherever you want
them on the screen.


Easily collect and organize a variety of
business content including web pages,
videos and other information in a single,
convenient location.
Scrapbook eliminates the hassle of
organizing data or tracking down content
from various sources. Now, you can
effectively manage your business data
for quicker, easier access when you need it.

01 Draw a line or closed shape including the contents you want to scrap / 02 Select a category where to save your content in scrapbook

Enhanced Productivity
Become more productive with
business-oriented features

Air Command

Quickly respond to any business
circumstance by accessing essential data
and features on your mobile device with Air
Command. This advanced feature displays
a menu of key S Pen features.
Air Command offers quick, convenient
access to information to improve your
business responsiveness.

  • Action Memo
    Quick memo taking features useful for common everyday tasks
  • Screen Write Screen annotation * Comments, additional info, etc.
  • Scrapbook Information & Multimedia Collection
  • S Finder Smart search
  • Pen Window A pop up window drawn by the S Pen

Action Memo

Turn handwritten notes into productive
business operations with Action Memo, the
easy-to-use handwriting recognition feature.
With Action Memo, your handwritten notes
activate related functions so that you can
quickly and efficiently perform business
tasks from any window. Now, you can
spring into instant action whenever the
business situation demands it.

Direct Pen Input

Perform everyday work functions, such as
sending messages and setting alarms
more easily by handwriting with Direct
Pen Input. For easy access, a folded
paper icon for direct handwriting input
appears on the screen whenever you hold
S Pen over a text input field. Using Direct
Pen Input enhances your productivity and
professional appearance.

S Finder

Quickly find, access and activate nearly
any information or data stored on the
GALAXY Note 10.1 2014 Edition with
S Finder. This smart, powerful search
function instantly locates a variety of
content, including handwriting. S Finder
supports your smart work style and
increases your productivity.

S Note

Conveniently write, edit and manage
notes, documents, charts and other
business data with S Note. This feature
converts your S Pen handwriting and
drawings into professional-looking text and
shapes. S Note allows you to quickly make
and update charts, checklists and schedules.