A suite of security options to help create a secure work environment

Samsung has a range of security options ranging from Samsung Android to KNOX allowing choice for a range of security requirements.


Samsung's enterprise program provides security features for customers intending to use compatible mobile devices in a corporate environment.

For the IT departments responsible for procuring and testing the security of mobile devices used by corporate employees, it is difficult to evaluate various platforms and OEM products available in the market. Samsung for Enterprise offers standardised security enhancements across an array of compatible devices and set reliable criteria for enterprises through a credible quality assurance process.


Credible Partner Ecosystem

The credible partner ecosystem is a subset of SEAP. SEAP partners who developed, are developing, or plan to develop differentiated SAFE™ applications on compatible Samsung devices can be registered with the credible partner ecosystem by invitation only. Samsung provides both the quality assurance process and joint marketing opportunities to credible partner ecosystem members.

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Introducing the evolved Samsung KNOX

Achieve enterprise mobility with Security and innovation

With constant vulnerability coming from “always-on” devices, enterprises are seeking innovative mobile security solutions. Samsung KNOX helps provide comprehensive compatible device protection while utilising a separate container to help manage and secure business data

Heightened hardware and software security

Ensure multi-layered security through authorised software boot and real-time Kernal protection. This helps ensure integrity via forced data isolation and hardware-based protection with TrustZone technology.

Flexible container usability

Receive support for compatible third-party containers and access to most Android OS-based apps. Conveniently manage apps and data as well as create multiple containers for different data sets.

Convenient registration and user experience

Easy device registration and MDM solution enrolment to help minimise process with a consistent user interface.

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