Mobile Device Management

A Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution helps secure,
monitor, manage and support compatible mobile devices
deployed across enterprises. With MDM you can control key
data and configuration settings within those devices. With
this added level of protection on the compatible Samsung
devices in the corporate network, your company is assisted
in limiting business security risks.

Enhanced manageability
with Enterprise SDK

Samsung Enterprise SDK (E-SDK) helps developers to take
advantage of the additional security features available in
Security Enhanced Android (SE Android) and develop custom
enterprise applications for their compatible Samsung devices.
The E-SDK provides developers with the capability of leveraging
features which promote the manageability, security, accessibility,
and usage cost of compatible mobile devices. Within the E-SDK
are 890+ APIs and 410+ policies for device control.

MDM partners in SEAP

Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program has over 200 MDM partners
including major industry-leading vendors, over half of whom have
implemented the Samsung E-SDK to provide custom enterprise
applications. Thanks to the robust partner pool that SEAP provides,
you can select MDM solutions to help meet your specific needs. Your
business can then optimally manage compatible Samsung mobile devices.

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