NX 50-200mm f4.0-5.6 II


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Get close to the perfect shot

Get close for a superb shot

Capture the intensity of a world-class soccer match from the upper deck or get close to your subject for a powerful portrait. The Samsung NX 50-200mm telephoto zoom lens gives you a range of focal lengths that can help you artistically capture a variety of perspectives. With an angle of view equivalent to a 77-308mm in 35mm format, this lens helps to provide outstanding image quality from long-distance landscapes to incredible close-ups.

Pictures at your fingertips

Perfect pictures at your fingertips
Taking quality pictures can be as easy as smiling for one. The intuitive i-Function technology gives you quick and easy access to various manual settings. Adjust shutter speed, aperture and more with just a twist of the lens while previewing the image in real-time. See how your settings affect the shot before you take it. Whether you’re an enthusiast or an expert, the convenient i-Function lens truly revolves around your photographic needs.

Angle of View

Image changes from angle of view
The Zoom range of an NX lens and what part of a scene can be captured in a photo is referred to as the "Angle of View". A lower number gives you a wider Angle of View and a higher number consentrates on a subject and therefore a narrower Angle of View. The Samsung NX 50-200mm F3.5-5.6 OIS lens covers a varying zoom range and the area of a scene that can be seen through the lens. The Angle of View changes through the range of focal lengths including: 50mm, 70mm, 100mm, 130mm, 150mm and 200mm as you zoom.

Optical Image Stabiliser designed for clear, sharp images

Optical Image Stabilizer for clear, sharp images
Create beautiful images that move you, even if you slightly move the camera. The Samsung NX 50-200mm telephoto zoom lens comes equipped with lens-shift optical image-stabilising technology. Samsung’s optical image stabiliser uses tiny lens-shifts to help compensate for motion blur, even in some low exposure shots. And since the image is being stabilised in the lens, what you see through the viewfinder — and on the display — can be clear.

Auto-focusing without extending yourself, or your lens.

Auto-focusing without extending yourself, or your lens.
The Samsung NX 50-200mm telephoto zoom lens features an inner focusing system, so that the lens length does not change during focusing. Also, the lens barrel system has been designed with a one-piece construction, resulting in rigidity and can be made in a compact, lightweight design. In addition, polarising filters can easily be used as the filter attachment ring does not rotate during focusing.

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