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Whether or not you're looking to go pro, you're going to look
like a pro with the Samsung EX1. Not only will its ultra-wide
24mm F1.8 Schneider KREUZNACH lens with 3x zoom turn
heads, but so will the photos you take, guaranteeing you'll
get the most out of every moment — including light. With the EX1's high-performance 1 / 1.7" CCD sensor, you'll be taking the best possible photos in the darkest conditions. And with a 3" rotating AMOLED screen designed to give you control of your framing no matter what crazy angle you want to shoot from, your photos will come out both incredibly creative and astonishingly professional

Optically advanced, anatomically inspired

When designing the EX1, Samsung's engineers looked to the human eye for inspiration. And as far as compact cameras go, it‘s the closest thing to the
anatomical wonder on the market. With an impressive F1.8 lens — one of the brightest available — the EX1 delivers a wider range of aperture steps and shallow depth-of-field, giving you the ability to blur out the background of your images while keeping the focus on your subjects. The high-end Schneider KREUZNACH lens offers a 24mm, ultra-wide focal length and 3x optical zoom so you’re capturing as much of the landscape and as many of your friends as possible.

High sensitivity. Low noise.
Amazing photos.

Trying to capture high-quality, low-noise images with lots of pixels and excellent light? The EX1 was engineered to do that exactly. With sensors larger than those typically found in compact digital cameras, the EX1‘s 1 / 1.7” CCD offers unrivalled sensitivity (max ISO 3200 / full-resolution), making it possible to capture ultra-vivid, natural-looking, professional photos, regardless of lighting conditions.

Get creative from any angle
with rotating AMOLED.

With the EX1's 3” swiveling AMOLED screen, composing and reviewing images is easier - and more fun - than ever. The display rotates so you can frame your images exactly the way you want as well as shoot from just about any angle, including those tricky overhead and low-to-the-ground shots, giving you the freedom to take
more artistic, expressive photos. And, compared to the usual
TFT-LCD typically found on digital cameras, the EX1's AMOLED
provides a higher contrast ratio, deeper blacks and more
vivid colours, even when viewed from an angle or in direct
sunlight. So you can fully visualise your final shot.

Embrace both light and dark in one frame

Don't let your photos be dominated by the dark or the light. The EX1's Smart Range (High Dynamic Range) feature lets you vividly express both bright areas and dark areas of your subject in the same frame. So bright spots aren't oversaturated and dark spots aren't too dark. Together with Samsung's super-fast DRIMeIII imaging processor, the EX1 helps you capture high-quality images in a variety of settings and extreme lighting conditions.

Edit RAW files and express yourself.

The EX1 was engineered to help you express yourself. Its Samsung
converter program gives you the freedom to edit RAW files – files that contain uncompressed original data and are not yet processed – any way you want. Normally, images are processed and compressed into JPEG files using settings in the camera. But RAW file support gives you free reign. So whether its colour, exposure difference or resolution, you can manipulate your images
to your heart's content.

Conveniently change settings without missing a beat.

Great shots have to be caught in a split second. That's why the EX1 is equipped with a Front Wheel Key and Dual Dial. It lets you adjust your settings instantly so you don't miss the moment. Just rotate the dial to set the aperture and shutter speed or tune the white balance and colour temperature. It's this convenient spin on manual control that will help you capture some of your most professional-looking images.

Take control. Seize the moment

When it comes to capturing life's greatest moments on film, hit-or-miss just isn't good enough. That's why Samsung's Full Manual Control lets you
capture those moments you might otherwise miss out on in auto mode. Aperture Priority makes sure your main subject stands out from its surroundings, Shutter Priority captures fast movements, and Manual Mode grants you complete control of the exposure.


Smart Filter

Samsung's Smart Filter, lens effect, delivers an artistic edge to your still shots and videos. The Miniature filter gives your subjects a miniaturised look, the Vignetting filter delivers a strikingly strong compositional contrast, and our Fish-eye filter gives your video that cool distorted feel. So get creative and get Samsung.


Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie)

Turn any moment into a perfect memory. And a professional-looking photo. Whether it's a few friends from last night's party or the moon reflecting off the lake, Smart Auto 2.0 (Still & Movie) instantly analyses key elements of your composition then automatically adjusts to capture the perfect shot with multitude of different photo modes and movie modes. And since life isn't a still life, the camera's object tracking feature captures those subjects that just don't, or won't, stand still.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.