Get lots of details in your photograph with the Samsung ES95. The combination of 16.2 megapixels and bright F2.5 lens captures brilliant details in low lighting. The 25mm wide-angle lens packs lots of the image into the frame when you’re up close to the action, and Live Panorama lets you go wide. If you’re away from the action, use the 5x optical zoom for great close-up pictures or capture all the action with 720p HD movie recording.

Close, wide, bright

F2.5, 25mm, 5X Zoom Lens / 16.2 Mega Pixels
When you’re taking pictures at a performance, make every seat the best seat in the house. The 5x optical zoom gives you great close-ups, even from the back row. Up front? The 25mm wide-angle lens captures all the action on stage. And the combination of 16.2 a megapixel CCD and F2.5 lens give you quality images — even in dim lights.

2.7" (67.5mm) LCD

The 2.7” (67.5mm) LCD screen on the back of the Camera helps minimise glare to review your photos. The wide and bright screen reproduces the images so they look virtually as they truly appear—even in direct sunlight.

See what you are going to get

Live Panorama
With Live Panorama, you can capture a seemingly endless procession of gondolas gliding past a magnificent Venetian palace with an astounding 180º panoramic image. And you can preview the image on the LCD before you even snap it. Just hold the shutter button, sweep across the scene and see what you’re going to get before you get it.

HD movies in the palm of your hand

HD Movie Recording (720p, 30fps, MPEG)
Inside this stylish camera, capture 720p HD-quality MPEG video at 30 frames per second. From the concert hall to birthday parties get HD-quality videos on the go.

Videos and photos, together

Picture in Picture
Picture in Picture lets you show off two images at the same time. Simply insert one picture within another, and then adjust its size and position.

The simple way to go pro

Smart Auto
The Smart Auto automatically analyses the shooting environment and then chooses the appropriate scene mode for exceptional results. Smart Auto analyses key elements in the composition and automatically adjusts its 16 photo modes and 4 movie modes to help capture the best shot.

Frame your pictures in fun

Magic Frame
Make a portrait look like an antique, or put your face on the moon — Magic Frame’s 12 background templates offer lots of picture-taking enjoyment. You can also put images on a 1950’s TV set or a movie. There are so many possibilities for fun — especially when you share the poster-quality results!

Funny Face

Give friends and family members goofy grins, comical noses and crazy eyes. Funny Face comes with 8 modes — including Professor, Gobbler and Alien — that let you hilariously alter faces, right on the display. With Face Tracking, funny faces stay the way you want, even when you move the camera.

Smart Filter

Boost creative fun with the Smart Filter right on the display! Cartoon filter makes any photo look like an animated film scene while Cross Filter makes light sources appear to have several points of light, like stars. There’s also Ink Painting, Half-tone Dot and more ways for you to express your creative side.

Intelligent Portrait

Intelligent Portrait helps you figure out all the angles — and lets you choose the best one. Snap a wide-angle shot of a friend and the camera captures two other good angles and compositions in the same click. Keep all three pictures or select only the best — the ES95 gives you the option.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.