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Don’t be fooled by its trim appearance! The WB30F Smart Camera packs all the features and performance of a full-size camera into a compact and stylish package that fits in your palm. Create NEAR professional-quality pictures and HD video with 10x zoom and a 24mm wide-angle lens. And share your special moments with enhanced Wi-Fi connectivity

Sharing and saving, simply

Instant sharing and saving, simply

Wi-Fi Connectivity
Experience the wireless advantages of the WB30F SMART CAMERA's Wi-Fi connectivity and truly intelligent features. You can connect to Wi-Fi networks, while AutoShare*, Social Sharing*, Cloud+, email*, Samsung Link+ and PC Auto Backup let you share memories with friends and family around the world. New features include, Software Upgrade Notifier, the Samsung SMART CAMERA App*, and upgrades to MobileLink and Remote Viewfinder help to make it easier to connect to your compatible smartphone and tablet.

  • AutoShare
  • MobileLink
  • Remote Viewfinder
  • Samsung SMART CAMERA App
  • Samsung Link
  • Cloud
  • Social Sharing & Email
  • Auto Backup
  • Software Upgrade Notifier
Save photos to your camera and smartphone as you shoot

Save pictures to your camera and phone — Promptly

Simultaneously send every picture you take to your compatible mobile phone via Wi-Fi connection—to make backing up and sharing your quality photos simple. Set up AutoShare once and the camera saves it as the default setting. AutoShare can also GPS tags your photos with your compatible Smart Phone.

Camera, smartphones and tablets - the easiest way to share

Camera, smartphones and tablets - the easy way to share

Now you can select and send an image or album directly to a compatible Android™ smartphone, iPhone or tablet Samsung MobileLink. You don’t even have to send the image as a text message or as an email. With MobileLink, you can control the album on your phone and the changes will be saved to your camera, too.

Remotely control your camera from a smartphone

Remotely control your camera from a compatible smartphone

Remote Viewfinder*
Control your camera by using your compatible Smartphone as the viewfinder. Remote Viewfinder lets you preview images, adjust the camera settings, zoom in and out and frame each scene— all from your phone, wirelessly. This feature is available for select Smartphones.

Connect to your camera faster- one touch, three apps

Connect to your camera fast- one touch, three apps

Samsung SMART CAMERA App*.
Download the Samsung SMART CAMERA App. which features- Remote Viewfinder, AutoShare, and MobileLink – without having to download each app individually. Rather than launching the apps one at a time on your compatible smartphone, you can open all three apps at once, with the touch of a finger.

Seamless sharing and play — across all devices

Seamless sharing and play — across compatible devices

Samsung Link
Samsung Link lets you connect to all devices that support Samsung Link. You can wirelessly stream photos and videos from your camera to nearby devices to share with friends and family at once, or simply upload to Web Storage for easy management. Enjoy the freedom of sharing with Samsung Link!

Never lose your valuable memories

Save your valuable memories

With Cloud, you’ll never run out of room in your memory card, even on the go. Wirelessly save images to a cloud service such as Microsoft Skydrive or Family Story, then view them almost anytime on your compatible smartphone, tablet or download them to your PC later.

Share with the world, anywhere in the world

Share with the world virtually, anywhere in the world

Social Sharing & Email
You can email, or post must-see images and videos to your favourite social networks. Just select and upload wherever you have a Wi-Fi connection, and then add tags and comments. Share with your Blogger followers, or post to social sites such as Facebook, Picasa or YouTube .

Shoot once. Save forever.

Shoot once. Save forever.

Auto Backup
Wirelessly transfer photos and movies to your PC or Mac. Simply choose AutoBackup and you’re all set. All your photos and videos are transferred wirelessly and safely stored on to your computer. Feel free to delete photos from your camera knowing there’s a duplicate set on your computer.

Get firmware notifications pushed to your camera

Get firmware notifications pushed to your camera

Software Upgrade Notifier
When a firmware update is available for the Samsung SMART CAMERA and you connect to a Wi-Fi network, a notification window will pop up on the camera’s screen. You can then download the firmware to your PC (from http://www.samsung.com/au/support/download/supportDownloadMain.do), connect your camera to your PC and follow the steps for the upgrade, and start using the latest features.

Go far and wide for the perfect shots

Go far and wide for
the exceptional shots

24mm Ultra Wide Angle, 10x zoom Lens
The whole wide world is yours to capture. Use the 24mm wide-angle lens to capture a quaint row of Tudor houses or a gushing, wide waterfall — it can handle any sweeping panoramas, even those wider than can been seen with the unaided eye. There’s also an 10x Optical Zoom that helps you quickly take stunning close-ups from far away, so you can get sharply rendered images of moving glockenspiel figurines atop a clock tower or of the colourful details of exotic birds in the wildlife park.

10x zoom and breathtaking  image quality in a microslim package

10x zoom and breathtaking image quality in a microslim package

Slim Design
The Samsung WB30F’s design delivers big performance that’s ready to go where the action is. See every detail up close with a powerful 10x zoom. And capture beautiful colour and stunning, crystal-clear pictures and HD video with a neat professional-quality 24mm ultra wide-angle lens.

Add action to your still photos

Add action to your still photos

Motion Photo
With Motion Photo, you can freeze time around a moving subject to create enchanting images. Capture a friend dancing while everyone else around him is still as a statue—just like in a Hollywood blockbuster. Simply shoot the footage, and then use the 5 way key to size and select where you want action. The photo around it will freeze—it’s that easy.

Frame your pictures in fun

Frame your pictures in fun

Magic Frame
Make a portrait look like an antique, or put your face on the moon — Magic Frame’s 12 background templates offer lots of picture-taking enjoyment. You can also put images on a 1950’s TV set or a movie. There are so many possibilities for fun — especially when you share the poster-quality results!

More fun, more creative

More fun, more creative

Smart Filter
Boost creative fun with Samsung’s Smart Filter lens and colour effects — right on the display! Cartoon Filter makes any photo look like an animated film scene while Cross Filter makes light sources appear to have several points of light. There’s also Zooming Shot, Ink Painting, Oil Painting, Half-tone Dot — and many more ways for you to express your creative side!

See what you are going to get

See what you are going to get

Live Panorama
With Live Panorama, you can capture a seemingly endless procession of gondolas gliding past a magnificent Venetian palace with an astounding 180º panoramic image. And you can preview the image on the LCD before you even snap it. Just hold the shutter button, sweep across the scene and see what you’re going to get before you get it.

Smart Auto

Smart Auto

Smart Auto (Still & Movie) analyses key elements of your composition then automatically adjusts to help capture the perfect shot with multitude of different photo modes and movie modes.

Split Shot

Split Shot

With Split Shot, using preloaded templates, you can merge up to three different images to create an artistic statement - turn yourself into a centaur by combining a self-portrait with a picture of a horse. Let your imagination loose and enjoy fun.

ZNR(Sound Alive)

ZNR (Sound Alive)

Sound Alive — Samsung’s Zoom Noise Reduction technology — helps to reduce the whirring noise of the zoom function while you shoot and record sound. Zoom in and out when capturing HD video, and still enjoy good quality sound during playback.

3.0'(75mm) LCD

3.0" (75mm) LCD

The 3.0-inch LCD screen on the back of the Camera provides a clear, glare-resistant way to review your photos. The wide and bright screen reproduces the images so they look outstanding—even in direct sunlight.

* Applications may need to be downloaded. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply.

+ To use Samsung Link or Cloud storage requires separate registration with a third-party storage provider. Usage is subject to service provider agreements. Internet connection required. Data and subscription charges may apply. Samsung’s features are intended for private and domestic use. Samsung does not authorise any use of its features that infringe copyright.

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