Imagine a simple but stylish and luxurious design of the SAMSUNG air conditioner that provides you with cool comfort using the benefit of innovative technology. SAMSUNG makes you feel like you're living in the lap of luxury.
Enjoy the high-performance air conditioner with exceptional technical characteristics and superior quality features.SAMSUNG's air conditioning system maximizes its cooling and heating rates with a high-efficiency compressor, silent operation, and high energy-saving performance.

good’ sleep two mode

SAMSUNG’s Good Sleep two helps your environment to stay at the most comfortable temperature with an automatic programme to assist a good night's sleep. According to the stage of sleep, temperatures are adjusted so you fall into a deep sleep faster and you wake up more refreshed in the morning for a great start to your day.

Maintain a proper amount of deep sleep and balance the amount for each sleep stage with good sleep two.

4 Step Air Purifying System

SAMSUNG 4 Step Air Purifying System delivers clean and refreshed air into the room.
Silver coated filter - Applied to the filter, the silver - nano coating serves to trap and remove dust particles. Not only does the filter remove microscopic dust particles, but it also exterminates fungi and eliminates unpleasant smells.
Deodorising Filters are fitted to absorb smoke and odours.
Catechin filters can assist with removal of some bacteria and odours.
Silver Coated Evaporator - The fins of the evaporator coil is coasted with silver to ensure efficient removal of condensation to remove stale odours.
The cross flow fan is molded from an antibacterial formula to prevent unpleasant odours.

water fall heating mode

Water fall heating operation on the heating cycle will automatically distribute the hot air down at 90 degrees for better air distribution on the heating cycle for more comfortable heating operation.

auto heat cool change over mode

When set on automatic operation mode the air conditioner will automatically change from cooling to heating for easier operation.

power on / off switch operation mode

Your air conditioner can be operated directly from the indoor unit if the remote control is lost.
To switch the air conditioner on, press the ON / OFF switch on the right side of the indoor unit. The OPERATION indicator on the indoor unit comes on. The indoor unit beeps. The air conditioner starts up in the most suitable mode for the room temperature. The mode may change from cooling into heating, from heating into cooling depending on the current temperature during operation:
Room Temperature Operating Mode
Less than 24°C Heat
24°C or above Cool

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