The new Samsung Smart Series™ air conditioning units allow you to control your comfort in an exceptional way. The new range is Wi-Fi enabled*, allowing the user to control the air conditioning unit via their compatible Android™ or iOS Smart Phone while they are in or out of the house. The addition of the Samsung D’light Cool mode to this range also helps control your comfort in a different way.

In Home Control*

With a compatible Android or iOS Smartphone and access to a Wi-Fi internet connection in your house, you can connect this new range of air conditioning and have control literally at your finger tips, virtually no matter where you are*. When connected to your in house Wi-Fi network, your compatible Smart Phone acts like another remote control. However, line of sight is not always needed. So if you want to turn on your Air Conditioning unit in the upstairs bedroom, just use your compatible phone, while you sit on the lounge watching TV.

Out of Home Control*

When connected out of home, you will obviously need to be on a 3G or Wi-Fi network. When used in this mode you can turn the unit on / off, select the mode, set the temperature and set up a time clock*. Forgotten to turn your Air Conditioning unit off – Samsung Smart Series allows you to turn it off virtually wherever you are with your compatible smartphone. It will also tell you the temperature in the room so you can make a decision if you need to switch it on before you get home. Want to turn you air conditioning unit on an hour before you get home? No problem with the Samsung Smart Series™. The Samsung Smart Air Conditioner app also has a pop up reminder to remind you to clean your filter. This is an essential task in maintaining the proper operation of your air conditioning unit that many people simply forget to do.

Download the Samsung Smart Air Conditioner App to your compatible smartphone through the following links:
Google Play

D’Light Cool Mode

The new Samsung Smart Series™ range of air conditioning units have a Samsung feature called D’light Cool Mode. In D’light Cool mode the unit measures both Temperature and Humidity. In humid environments even at a cool temperature, humidity levels can be high, making the occupants feel uncomfortable. The Samsung Smart Series™ air conditioning unit used in the D’light Cool mode will make an assessment of both temperature and humidity. Thus even if the required temperature is reached the unit will continue to dehumidify until a comfortable index level is reached.

HD Filtration with Ioniser

Samsung’s HD Filter has a very small opening size giving the filter a great dust holding ability. This may assist in helping to reduce the amount of dust that can pass through the filter.

Good Sleep II mode

Innovative technology developed to control the air temperature during your sleep and help maintain a comfortable skin temperature to assist in getting a comfortable sleep.

Waterfall Airflow

In heating mode the new Samsung Smart Series™ units can target the air down at almost 90 degrees angle. We call this Waterfall Airflow and it helps air to be distributed in different directions in the room.

Turbo Mode

Switch on Turbo Mode to set the unit at it’s maximum speed to help reach the desired temperature faster.

Smart Mode

Enables the air conditioner compressor to operate at a reduced intensity when the air conditioner is not required to be run at maximum cooling / heating.

Auto Clean Indoor Coil

Runs the indoor fan for a set time after the air conditioning unit is switched off. This helps to dry off moisture within the indoor unit.

Corrosion Resistant Fins

Helps to protect the outdoor heat exchanger from corrosion with the aim of extending the life of your air conditioning unit.

5 Year Warranty^ – For Human Comfort only

5 Year warranty applies to human comfort only and excludes costs for labour and access equipment where Samsung-branded air conditioning unit is installed in an area which is not easily accessible.

Additional Features on Samsung Smart Series™:

• 4 Fan Speeds
• Quiet Mode
• DRED Enabled
• Auto restart

• Wi-Fi enabled control requires access to a wireless network. Wi-Fi enabled control is compatible with selected Android and iOS smartphones and requires the Samsung Smart Air Conditioner app, downloaded from Google Play or iTunes. For details regarding compatibility, please visit the Google Play or iTunes website. To use ‘Out Of House’ control, users must register the product at Internet connection required. Data charges may apply.

^ For the climatic comfort of humans only and excludes costs for labour and access equipment where Samsung-branded air conditioning unit is installed in an area which is not easily accessible (including without limitation roofs or above ground level). See warranty card or for more information

iOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S and other countries and is used under licence

Android is a trademark of Google Inc.