Single Built in with Large Grill (BT65FQBPST)


Single Built in with Large Grill (BT65FQBPST) With Twin Convection™ SAMSUNG's new ovens provide the added convenience of two separately controlled oven spaces in a convenient regular sized 60cm space. The added convenience of pyrolytic cleaning means it is a breeze to keep this oven in tip top condition and a 'AAA' energy efficiency ensures this product will have minimum impact on your carbon foot print.

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Single Built in with Large Grill (BT65FQBPST)


  • 60cm electric, 65L capacity Twin Convection™ oven

Twin Convection™ technology

Twin Convection™ technology
Too many dishes and not enough time? This oven lets you cook two different dishes simultaneously with different cooking temperatures. Each dish cooks separately and safely apart... so aromas don't mingle! Cook your meals faster at different temperatures with our Twin convection™ system from a single oven unit.

3 in 1

3 in 1
Cook twice as much in half the space. The 3 in 1 allows you to cook multiple dishes at different temperatures in multiple zones. You don't have to heat up the entire oven for smaller dishes.

pyrolytic clean

pyrolytic clean
Clean your oven without getting your hands dirty. By superheating the oven to 500C which burns off any deposits form baking, roasting of grilling. Even at these high temperatures, the oven door is safe thanks quadruple glazing. Simply set, wait for the oven to cool and then wipe the interior clean.

quadruple glazed door with soft close system

quadruple glazed door with soft close system
quadruple glazed doors with reflective inner glass to keep more of the heat in the oven and ensure the temperature is cool on the outside. While our lightweight oven door is designed for ultimate safety, with a soft smooth opening.

Jasper Morrision design

Jasper Morrision design
Renowned English designer Jasper Morrision has taken this oven and improved the overall usability and style. Morrison has added sleek buttons designed to accommodate the shape of your finger along with rounded corners and a simplicity of design resulting a highly functional appliance.

twin LED display

twin LED display
More than a pretty face our easy to read twin LED display is quick and easy to use. Dual display features two rows of information clearly telling you what oven conditions, including time, temperature and function Don't waste time squinting at old mechanical dials, our digital display ensures precision setting of temperature so you get perfect results every time.

ceramic enamel interior

Our ceramic enamel interior is highly scratch resistant ensuring a smooth durable non stick interior for effortless cleaning.

easy clean door

easy clean door
The all glass inner door has no joints or screws making it easy to clean and quick to remove if required.

AAA grade energy efficiency

An AAA energy class means this oven is easier on your power bill than others in the market. Not only easy to use, but efficient also. All three spaces the single, upper and lower levels were separately certified with a European 'A' grade for energy rating giving this oven a combined 'AAA' rating.

other features

•65L capacity 30L upper 32L lower •40 ~ 250°C temperature range •11 cooking modes •Tact and dial controls •Recessed grill • Cooling fan • Child safety lock

tech specs

Dimension of BT65FQBPST/XSA


  • Net (kg)


  • Package Weight (kg)


Physical Specifications

  • Dimension
    Cavity (Single) (WxHxD)

    464 x 370 x 410mm

    Cavity (Upper/Lower) (WxHxD)

    435 x (U160, L170) x 400mm

    Outside (WxHxD)

    595 x 595 x 566mm

    Cutout (WxHxD)

    560 x 570 x 550mm

    Shipping (WxHxD)

    700 x 750 x 700mm

    Usable Capacity

    65 Litre

    Usable Size (WxHxD)

    440 x 365 x 405mm

    Economic Cavity (Upper/Lower)

    U: 30 Litre, L: 32 Litre


Loading Quantity

  • 20/40Ft


General Feature

  • Cavity Interior

    C. Enamel

  • Upper Grill

    1,600W / 1,100W

  • Oven Colour


  • Single Mode
    Bottom + Convection


    Large Grill


    Small Grill


    Top Heat + Convection


  • Oven Doors


  • Lower Grill


  • Door Opening Type

    Drop Down

  • Interior Lamp

    1.0 x 25.1 x 40.0

  • End Timer


  • Interior Light

    Back & right side

  • Auto Cook


  • Defrost


  • Light (Lamp) On/Off


  • Sound

    Smart buzzer

Control Features

  • Child Lock


  • Steam Cleaning


  • Language Option


Equipment supplied

  • Multi split


  • Barbecue spit


  • Square baking tray


  • Square wire rack


  • Telescopic rack


  • Cook Book



  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Single/Lower/Upper/Twin)

    40 ~ 250°C

  • Energy Class (Convection)


General Information

  • Clock


  • Oven Type

    Single built-in

  • Convection

    1,200 W / 1,200 W

  • Cook Timer


  • Control Method

    Tact & pop out dial, Wide LED

  • Cleaning Method



User Manual

5.15 MB, pdf, ENGLISH


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