75L Chef Collection Dual Cook


75L Chef Collection Dual Cook(NV75J7570RS/SA)

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75L Chef Collection Dual Cook


Two ovens in one
Dual Cook+ has a large upper cavity, giving you cooking flexibility, and a lower cavity. These can be used separately or together. And its Guide Lighting Control helps you select the most suitable oven mode and cavity.
Three ovens in one
Step-by-step cooking guide
The Guide Lighting Control is a digital dashboard that acts as a culinary assistant. You can control cooking temperatures and times, select functions and set cleaning options by following the lights of its display.
Step-by-step cooking guide
Soft closing door
The Soft Closing Door smoothly and gently opens and closes with low noise. The door’s hinge helps it to slowly come to a stop safely, giving you peace of mind.
Silent soft closing door
Even cooking tool for grilling or roasting
The BBQ Spit, feature is designed to cook food like it would cook on a spit.
Even cooking tool for grilling or roasting
Easy glide shelf
A Telescopic Rail is designed to slide in and out smoothly with low effort, even if you’re using large pans or heavy dishes. So you can keep on basting, turning and seasoning your food – without relocating it to the kitchen bench.
Easy glide shelf
Consistent temperature control
Consistent oven heat is important for well cooked meals. The Temperature Control feature is designed to maintain a precise temperature with little fluctuation, so your dishes can be cooked exactly how you want–every time.
Consistent temperature control

Cook a lot at once

A massive 75 liter capacity - giving you flexibility in your cooking. You can cook multiple dishes at once, or large items like a big roast, making it great for preparing meals for a large family gathering or party.*
Cook more at once

Pyrolytic self-cleaning

A Pyrolytic self-cleaning system helps to keep your oven neat and clean without time-consuming scrubbing. It super-heats the oven cavity to burn off grease and residue left from cooking, leaving ashes to wipe away.
Pyrolytic self-cleaning

See clearly inside

Dual Cook Lighting helps you to see into every corner, even if the oven is split into multiple levels, so you can ensure meals are cooked well.
See clearly inside

tech specs

Main Specifications

  • Oven Type

    2 Fan + Convection (Dual Cook)

  • Door Type

    Drop Down

  • Display Type

    LED (Ice Blue)

Technical Information

  • Clock


  • Child Safety Lock


  • Cook Timer


  • End Timer


  • Upper Grill (In/Out)

    1600/1100 W

  • Lower Grill

    1100 W

  • Single Mode (Top Heat + Convection)


  • Single Mode (Grill - top heater only)


  • Single Mode (Bottom + Convection)


  • Convection

    1200/1200 W

  • Cleaning Method

    Pyrolytic / Steam

  • Steam Clean


  • Interior Lamp (watts)

    2 x 40W (Halogen)

  • Interior Light (Position)

    Upper / Side

  • Light (Lamp) On/Off



Heating / Elements

  • Oven Temp. Ranges (Single)

    30 - 275 (Grill 100 - 300)


  • Square Wire Rack (Shelf / Roast)


  • Telescopic Rack

    1 Level

  • G/N Rack


  • Meat Probe


  • Cookbook (CD)



  • Usable Capacity

    75 L

  • Outside Dimensions (WxHxD) mm

    595x595x566 mm

  • Weight (Net) kg

    47.2 kg

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