Biggest Dish Loading 36cm

Samsung offers you the option of being able to load a dish up to the size of 36cm. Wash most large items such as oven trays, baking trays, pizza trays & cake pans easily.

Adjustable Upper Basket

If required, the height of the upper rack can be adjusted in order to create space for large utensils either in the upper rack or lower rack. The upper rack can be adjusted by lifting the handle in a downward or upward direction. Long items, serving cutlery, salad servers or knives should be placed on the shelf so that they do not obstruct the rotation of the spray arms. The shelf can be folded back or removed when not required for use.

High Temperature Sanitisation

Select the Sanitise option for a 70 degree hot rinse.

Quiet Operation 48dB

Every element inside Samsung’s dishwashers – food disposer, water pumps, flow meters, and spray items – is carefully designed to provide a quiet cleaning operation. In addition, Samsung’s noise prevention, containing 6 layers of insulation, blankets the noise and helps create a quiet cycle.

3 Water Spray Arms

Samsung uses the 3 wash arms – top, middle and bottom, and the main water spraying arm in the middle is tilted.

Angled Racking system

Samsung dishwashers give you the flexibility of being able to move the top basket up or down by 5cm, this is great for being able to fit larger items! What’s more the 3 Step Fold Down Tine allows you to load dishes of most shapes and sizes for your convenience.

Flex Washing 1/2

The Flex Half Wash gives you the convenience of using the upper, lower or both halves dependant on your washing load. For small washing amounts use the top half or for pots, pans and cutlery use the bottom half.

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