A powerful cleaning machine bundled with features that are designed to help minimise the stress of cleaning dishes of all shapes and sizes. Learn more about how this dishwasher can help make clean-up time relaxing.

36cm Big Dish Loading Capacity

By simply adjusting the upper rack, this model should easily fit even your large dishes – anything up to 36cm wide. That means you can fit sizeable items such as oven trays, baking trays, pizza trays and cake pans in your dishwasher for easy cleaning.
Please note: This model does not come with the 3rd rack cutlery tray.

Full Flex Tine

Complete tine flexibility in both trays is designed to help give you the space you need to fit in plates or even large bowls. Why settle for awkwardly positioned dishes when you can fit these snugly with adjustable tine.

Smart Auto Sensor Waash

The Smart Auto Sensor Wash function is designed to help manage the amount of water used in each washing cycle by assessing the water soiling level after every pre-rinse cycle. Depending on the level, it will either reuse the water or pump in fresh water for the main wash.

Flexible and Adjustable Upper Rack

No need to take out the upper rack to find more space. Enjoy the convenience of an adjustable upper rack that helps you easily load in a variety of dishware.

Angled Racking system

The racks let dishes rest at an angle. This angle helps water to easily run off and aids in minimising dish drying time.

Flex Half Wash

The Flex Half Wash gives you the convenience of using the upper, lower or both halves of the dishwasher depending on your washing load. This flexibility enables you to wash smaller sized loads with less water and in less time than a full load.

Features and specifications are subject to change without prior notification. Images are used for illustrative purposes only.